Sushi Hiro – Definitely a Pleasure to Queue Again

With the success of its first branch in PIK area, the Sushi place that is famous for its Sushi stairs now expands their never-ending queue by opening a branch in Kelapa Gading. Yeap, this week we are going to take you Nommerz to visit Sushi Hiroโ€™s second branch. Even after several months opening in Kelapa Gading, this place is still always crowded during and even before their opening hours. We remember queuing for 2 hours when it first opens in PIK but gladly the queue here in Kelapa Gading is more bearable. Without further ado lets prove why this place deserve all the minutes spent queuing.

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Pokenbir – Setting Aside Cholesterol Just for a Day

Whats nomming on everyone? Hope you are all doing fine ๐Ÿ˜€ We are back with a short review of a place that is recommended by a close friend of ours. Heading South, Pokenbir is located in one of the office tower in Setiabudi area. When we first heard about the name, we thought this place is a bar or a solid place to chill. However, our friend told us that the word โ€œPokenbirโ€ is originated from the combination of โ€œporkโ€ and โ€œbeerโ€ and it all make sense now. Like the name, Pokenbir is famous for their broad range of tasty pork meat! Let us set aside cholesterols at the moment and jump into our review.

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Fujin – Flavorful Combination in A Plate

Hi there Nommerz ! How is your holiday? Since today is the last day of Lebaran Holiday we would like to share a short review from a Japanese Restaurant that we tried during our holiday. As you know we love Japanese foods, but this time in the diner we tried they gave us surprises. It is Fujin Japanese Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky, which located in Jl. Gunawarman No. 21, Senopati , Jakarta. It is a really nice place to chill and dine at the same time. Without further a due letโ€™s check out the place.

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Awesome Coffee – Fell in Love with Their Earl Grey Ice Cream

Welcome back Nommerz! Howโ€™s your holiday ? We wish all of you Nommerz having a great time in this Lebaran. Well we are staying in Jakarta for this holiday and we do enjoy the traffic that much. So lately, we are into Coffee and we donโ€™t really know why, its just we are starting to look for caffeine on our daily basis. Just a couple days ago, Momon told me that there is a newly opened Coffeeshop in Kelapa Gading that serves Earl Grey Soft Ice cream, and she knows its Simmonโ€™s fave tea flavor. Without any hesitation, we decided to visit the Coffeeshop to taste it ourselves. Oh yes, we forgot to mention the name, its Awesome Coffee and it is located near Kelapa Gading Sport’s Club. Alright now, scroll down to see whats inside.

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Ojju – Rolling Our Belly Closer to The Cheese Goodness

Hello Nommerz! With the rising varieties of Korean Food in Jakarta, this spot is undoubtedly one of the most visited and most raved among its category this month. Having 4 branches in Jakarta, Ojju has never been empty without any queue. But weโ€™re extremely lucky because when we decided to dine there, the queue is pretty bearable we only waited for 10 mins (THANK GOD!). Without further ado, lets roll our belly into the melting cheese!
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Warung Wakaka – What Took Up Most Lanes in one of Muara Karang’s Area

Welcome back Nommerz! We canโ€™t deny that lately the numbers of Ropang, Indomie and Indonesiaโ€™s Streetfood joints are increasing like crazy and Monnomz are here to also review about one of the most crowded place of its kind. Some of you might now this place just by looking at the amount of cars heading going there that acquires most of the lanes in one of Muara Karangโ€™s road. Without further ado, let us introduce Warung Wakaka as our spot of the week!

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Maple & Oak – Brunch Spot that Serves Great Steak and Ribs

Hello there Nommerz! We know that it has been awhile since our last post but it is so good to be back with new food to cover! Anyway today we are going to review a brunch place that is quite popular. Recently many of our friends recommend us to come and try their food and thatโ€™s how we got here. It is located in Center Jakarta, Menteng to be exact. Some of you might have heard of this restaurant, it is Maple & Oak. Interesting name right?

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