About Us



Starting off with a major curiosity for the culinary world and an aligned vision to inspire others, Nicholas Simmon and Monica Santoso decided to create MONNOMZ.COM.

Getting to Know Both of Us: 
Both of us are born and raised in Indonesia, Jakarta to be exact. However, we first met through our degree program in Singapore 3 years ago. Never thought that once a random classmates could end up being together and yes, along our endless conversations we know that we share the same passion and vision. Although we left our hearts in Singapore, we went back for good to pursue our dream here. One of our dreams is to create this blog that we have planned since forever.



Nicholas Simmon who is more often called Simmon, is the writer and photographer of MONNOMZ. You can tell by his face that he is a very bubbly person and even when you first talk to him you will feel like you have known him for so long.

On the other side, Monica Santoso or often called Momon is very serious in doing things that she loves (no kidding haha). Nevertheless, at times her sense of humour is no far from her nomming partners’ making them a very lively and delightful couple. She is the editor and also the photographer of MONNOMZ.

What is MONNOMZ? 
MONNOMZ itself is our day to day food and travel diary, to frame what we nomz and hopefully to add memories of new places that we dream of going together. It will contain reviews, recommendations and tips of foods, places, shops and even recipes that we are going to discover. Basically a bit and pieces of everything.

After brainstorming for quite a while, we finally came up to a decision on naming our blog MONNOMZ. The reason behind its name is: firstly people calls both of us MON (MONica and simMON, well even after years we could not distinguish which MON they refer to haha). Secondly, NOMZ means food according to the “urban dictionary” which is inline with our blog since this platform will mostly be related on foods. So there you go, MONNOMZ it is.

Inviting all of you NOMMERZ (readers) to board on this endless #NOMZVENTURE with us. Feel free to drop us any message or mails if you want to share your ideas about places or things that we should try on.

All the contents written by us, are purely from our own opinion. Although we are not experts in food reviewing, we will try our best to always provide readworthy contents.