The People’s Cafe – New Outlet @ Mall Taman Anggrek

Its been quite a few years the last time for both of us to visit Mall Taman Anggrek. Still with the ice skating rink being its star, we finally had the chance to visit this place once again. This time we were invited by Ismaya Group to support the opening of their The People’s Cafe new branch which is located on the 4th floor. The People’s Cafe itself has a concept where they mainly serve indonesian food with a hint of western fusion to it. This time they are also introducing 13 new menus in total which we are going to cover every of it without any miss! Scroll down for more 😀

Summer Refresher 


We were welcomed by this colorful drink called Summer Refresher (Rp. 35K) that consisted of a mix of passion fruit + mango + lemon + strawberry (yeap all in one!) Like its name, this drink is indeed refreshing on that bright sunny day.


Moving on to the 5 appetizers offered that day which are:
Crispy Cireng 


Crispy Cireng (Rp. 25K)
Momon personally love this one a lot!! (she just couldn’t stop munching it) definitely a must order appetizer when you are visiting. The difference about the normal cringe we ate is definitely the dipping sauce which makes it special.
Tofu Fried Basket


Tofu Fried Basket (Rp. 30K)
This menu consisted of a soft a deep fried tofu with dried chilli and and sweet soya sauce with chopped chilli.
Twisted Nachos


Twisted Nachos (Rp. 45K) 
Whats unique about this appetisers is definitely the choice of their chips. Instead of using the normal corn chips on a normal nachos, they are using “Pangsit Goreng” as the base of their Nachos. 100 for the uniqueness!!
Hot Texas Chix 
Hot China Chix


The other two were both chicken wings with different method of cooking, the first one was Hot Texas Chix (Rp. 45K) which is deep-fried and rolled over a hint of sweet and sour sauce flavor combination and Hot China Chix (Rp. 45K) which are purely deep friend with a strong sechuan flavor. Its quite hard to pick between these two, so you definitely have to try both lol!

Chicken and Tofu Soup 


Now before going to the main menu, they also serve Chicken and Tofu Soup (Rp. 28K) for those of you who doesn’t want something that is so fulfilling. We personally think that this dish complement other menus because it could neutralized all the spiciness in our mouth. Why Spicy? Lets just take a look directly to the stars among the range of new menus.


With the increasing Ayam Geprek sensation around Jakarta, The People’s Cafe heard you right. They are introducing 6 types of Ayam Geprek that will definitely make you crave.
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Bawang


1. Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Bawang (Rp. 55K)
This one is definitely the one that will tickle your tongue and makes you sweat all over the most. Definitely the spiciest but one of the most favorable among the other. Simmon personally likes this one a lot.
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Merah Special


2. Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Merah Special (Rp. 58K)
If you guys are asking what is difference between the first one and second one, its pretty much the same. The only difference is just that Special means they add mozzarella cheese to your Ayam Geprek which makes it more savoury and less spicy.
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo


3. Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo (Rp. 55K)
This time, the chicken is drenched in Cabe Ijo instead of Cabe Merah like the first two menu. The level of spiciness decreases this time. But it all depends on what kind of chilli you prefer better. We do favour this one too 😀
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo Special


4. Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Ijo Special (Rp. 55K)
Same like the previous menus, the different about this one with the normal Ayam Geprek Jumbo sambal ijo was the mozzarella cheese on top.
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Limo


5. Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Limo (Rp. 55K) 
Momon loves this one compare to the other ayam geprek served on that day. The main reason is because, there’s a hint of lime to it. The lime inside the sambal definitely kicks off the flavor of the chili even more!
Ayam Geprek Jumbo Keju


6. Ayam Geprek Jumbo Keju (Rp. 55K)
For those of you who are not a big fan of spicy food, this is surely the thing you have been waiting for. With the same jumbo sized chicken over a warm rice, this ayam geprek is the only one that is served just only with the mozzarella cheese on top.
Nasi Mawut TPC 


Last but not least, there is one more main menu which is Nasi Mawut TPC (RP. 45K). In case if you are wondering whats inside the dish, it consisted of white rice at the bottom, a black soft noodle on the middle, spicy minced chicken and chili with a sunny side up on top 😀


All in all, every of these dish would be a winner for those of you who likes to eat spicy food. Currently all of the menus above is available at Gandaria City’s outlet. However by November it will be available in every The People’s Cafe’s Branch. We would like to congratulate The People’s Cafe and Ismaya Group for opening your new place and several other branches in the upcoming month! We would like to thank you guys for your warm hospitality! Hope too “Ketchup” with you soon 😉

The People’s Cafe

A: 4th Floor – Mall Taman Anggrek

T: 021 5639262

O: 10 AM – 10 PM 

R: $ – $$

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