[Surabaya] Beatus – The Best Crab We’ve Ever Tasted

Its really been awhile since we posted a new review on our blog~ These past 2 months has been pretty hectic for us with much work deadlines and a new job too yay! On this post, we are going to continue to talk about our short escape on august to Surabaya. This time our dear friend Pamela recommend us to try Beatus which is SUPAA famous for their crabs. Lets just jump right away shall we?


Having several branch, we are confused to choose at first. But we ended up trying Beatus that is located in Citraland (near a golf area). At first, we thought that we are going to eat a crab in a “lancai” way like we always eat seafood in Jakarta. However, thank God we spare some decent ootd because our friend told us that the place is legit. And yeah, thankfully we went there without being saltum lol!
Surrounded by glass and decorated with hanging lights, this place definitely gives you a more sophisticated feeling. Besides that, this place is definitely cozy for dates and family gathering too! (PS: but make sure to bring your partner there after several dates, because.. eating a crab on a first date.. seems kind of heavy lol!)
Lotus Onion 
Chicken Wings
Before signing in with the crab, we decided to order several starters which are Escargot, Lotus Onion and Chicken Wings. Not much comments about these starters because they are great for you to munch in while waiting for the main star that night.
We did not really know the drill of ordering there, so our friend decided to order the crab in advance (a day before). Little did we know that she ordered a crab for each person (we thought it is crazy at first).. but after tasting it.. we wish that we could have more than 1 portion each person LOL! Our friend said that, the majority of people who went to Beatus always ordered 1 portion for 1 person so its normal to eat that big.
Here is The Caramelised Butter Crab by Beatus (Rp. 75K/ons, what we are having is around 7-9 ons) The crab itself is supppper soft and sweet!! The highlight goes to its sauce which contains of caramelised butter and black pepper sauce with loads of garlic and bacon bits. We definitely think that this is the best crab that we ever tasted with the combination of sweetness of the crab and the savouriness of the sauce.
Here are several tips that we could recommend to you before dining at Beatus:
1. Make a reservation in advance (especially if you are going there on a large group of people)
2. Ordered your crab (with your own preferable size, budget and price)
3. Make sure to dress accordingly
To cut everything short, we really enjoy dining at Beatus and their crab is definitely worth the try and worth every love that people have been giving all these time. Thank you Pammy for introducing Beatus to our life :”) Thank you for reading guys! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


A: Jl. Citraland Utama Surabaya 60219

T: 0317418771 – 7412555 (ext:3333)

R: $$-$$$

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