The People’s Cafe – New Outlet @ Mall Taman Anggrek

Its been quite a few years the last time for both of us to visit Mall Taman Anggrek. Still with the ice skating rink being its star, we finally had the chance to visit this place once again. This time we were invited by Ismaya Group to support the opening of their The People’s Cafe new branch which is located on the 4th floor. The People’s Cafe itself has a concept where they mainly serve indonesian food with a hint of western fusion to it. This time they are also introducing 13 new menus in total which we are going to cover every of it without any miss! Scroll down for more 😀

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[Surabaya] Beatus – The Best Crab We’ve Ever Tasted

Its really been awhile since we posted a new review on our blog~ These past 2 months has been pretty hectic for us with much work deadlines and a new job too yay! On this post, we are going to continue to talk about our short escape on august to Surabaya. This time our dear friend Pamela recommend us to try Beatus which is SUPAA famous for their crabs. Lets just jump right away shall we?

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