[Surabaya] SRI – Istana Ayam Goreng

After a long overdue, we are back with several special posts to come covering places that we went on our 48 hours in Surabaya. Needing much holiday and short getaway, we decided to go to on an impromptu trip mainly to go to Mount Bromo last weekend with some of our friends. Just after we touched down on Friday night, we grabbed a quick dinner on a fast food joint and directly head to Mount Bromo. So we did not try any local food until we went down from our hike.


After done with all the Mount Bromo adventure, we went to visit one of the famous local food named Sri recommended by our friends that lives there. Sri – Istana Ayam Goreng has been around for such a long time but it does not open any branches until now. Sri itself is famous for its ayam goreng. Besides ayam goreng, we also ordered some other dishes because we are too hungry and tired because we haven’t had a proper sleep. So without further ado here are the things that we managed to try there..

Ayam Goreng 

First thing first, we ordered their most famous Ayam Goreng (Rp. 90K / Ekor). Not like many local fried chicken joint in Jakarta, in terms of the flavor we think that people who likes to eat their chicken sweet will definitely like this. The reason why the Ayam Goreng is so sweet because they slow cooked it with coconut and other spices. Another difference is that the chicken is not the “dry” fried chicken type, so you can taste more of the juiciness. (PS. pardon the creepy looking chicken)

Half Portion of Pecel Lele

Tempe Goreng

Tahu Goreng

Aside from the chicken, we also ordered half portion of Pecel Lele that consisted of 2 pieces of fishes (Rp. 33K / half portion, Rp. 45K / full potion). The funny thing is, although Sri is famous for their Ayam Goreng, Simmon favoured their Pecel Lele a lot more. It was really crispy and both of us agree that their sambal is sooo good! We also ordered 1 portion of Tempe Goreng (Rp. 23K) and 1 portion of Tahu Goreng (Rp. 30K) to accompany our big lunch.

Sambal Pencit

Because knowing that their sambal from the Pecel Lele, we ordered another portion of sambal terasi this time with slices of sour mango called Sambal Pencit (Rp. 26K). Momon and Simmon both love this kind of sambal because the mango is refreshing and it complements the spiciness of the terasi really well especially when you mix it with a warm rice.

Tahu Telor

One other dish that we want to highlight is their Tahu Telor (Rp. 35K). Momon personally is never been a big fan of Tahu Telor but this time its different. She’s the one who finishes the left over of the Tahur Telor hahaha just excuse her. Usually people serve Tahu Telor with a lot amount of oil residue on the egg part, however the main reason that we like this Tahu Telor a lot is because their bumbu knack is very thick and creamy and its not oily at all.

Es Blewah

Es Kelapa Muda Jeruk

To beat the heat after the horse ride in the middle of Mount Bromo, we definitely need fresh things to soothe our thirst and throats. We decided to go with Es Blewah (Rp. 16.5K) and Es Kelapa Muda Jeruk (Rp. 36K). We can’t help but wanting more because it definitely refreshes us up and a perfect closing to our lunch.

We will definitely be back with several more post about our Surabaya trip next two coming weeks. Until then, take care and see you soon! Thank you for reading Nommerz ❤


A: Jl. Dr. Soetomo No. 03-04, Pandaan – Pasuruan – Jawa Timur

T: 0343631956

O: MON – SUN 7.30AM-10PM (TUE Opens at 12.30)

R: $-$$


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