Donburi Ichiya – Japanese Rice Bowl Bar

Welcoming August with you guys with a go-to and simple Japanese food that are easy to be found in many malls right now. Here we introduce Donburi Ichiya in Plaza Indonesia. At first, we thought that this place is a more towards the “expensive side” of Japanese Food from its name. However, after we look through it online, they have quite an affordable price. Since its near our church, we decided to give this place a try for our Sunday lunch.

What we like about this place is the way they take orders and serve the customer because they are like fast food chain. Starting from ordering to settling your bill, everything happens in order at one line and we think that it is well organized. Furthermore, you dont need to wait long for your food because they will directly make it and ready to be served when you are paying for the food (except for the food that needs to be cooked longer).






There are 4 steps in ordering the Donburi; 
1. Choosing the Size of your Donburi (Mini / Regular)
2. Choosing the type of Donburi
3. Choosing the Sauce (Choices: Garlic Butter, Soy Honey, Regular Mayo, Spicy Mayo, Wasabi Mayo, Black Pepper)
4. Choosing the topping (extra charges) (Choices: Melted Cheese, Kimchi, Tamago Yaki, Onsen Tamago, Japanese Curry)

Soy Honey Karage with Melted Cheese 
On that day we ordered 4 types of Donburi, starting from Soy Honey Karage with Melted Cheese (Regular, Rp. 48K). Apart from the ordinary karage, if you like cheese you definitely like this donburi because the soy honey sauce blends nicely with the melted cheese.
Ontama Aburi Salmon and Tamago Yak
Since we are at a Japanese place we decided to go for a more authentic Japanese dish which is Ontama Aburi Salmon (Regular, Rp. 56K). We also add Tamago Yaki for the topping just to add some texture to the dish. The salmon is half cooked so you can enjoy both the raw and cooked side. Overall, the dish was nice 😀
Ontama Gyu Don

We also ordered 2 types of Gyu Don. Gyu Don itself is a bowl with simmered beef and onion on rice. The first Gyu Don we ordered was Ontama Gyu Don (Regular, Rp. 56K). This dish was really nice as well with the runny half boiled egg that adds the gooey-ness on the soft japanese rice.

Gyu Tan Don

The second one was a dish that is famous in Melbourne, Gyu Tan Don (Mini, Rp. 59K). Different compare to the first Ontama Gyu Don, Gyu Tan Don used cow’s tongue for its main ingredients. There are some Gyu Tan Don joints in Jakarta that serves Gyu Tan Don right now but we personally like it if the Gyu Tan doesn’t smell legit like a cow’s tongue (if you get what we meant). However for this one, after the first bite, we are completely in love with this dish. Two thumbs up from us! Definitely the star from Donburi Ichiya.

Japanese’ Ramune

Lastly, we also ordered something that Momon’s brother really like, which is a Lemon flavor Japanese Soda Drink called Ramune. Ramune is well known because of its unique bottle that is sealed with marble. And to open the bottle, you must push the marble inwards. Nothing fancy flavor wise, but the excitement will do.

Thank you for reading this post, we hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you Nommerz have a place in mind for us to try. Dont forget to spread some love by following our social media here : MONNOMZ ❤ See yaa and God bless you all!

Donburi Ichiya

A: Plaza Indonesia Level 5 (Near Eat & Eat)

T: +6221 21889061 ext:153

O: MON – SUN (10AM-10PM)

R: $-$$

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