Ravelle – New Addition to One of Our Favourite Cozy Brunch Spot

Brunch is definitely both of Momon & Simmon’s favourite part of the weekend. We’ve been a big fan strolling around Jakarta just to find new brunch spots. Lately, our friends recommended to try this new brunch place in Kelapa Gading calledΒ Ravelle. Located in the midst of housing complex, Ravelle’s green grass exterior definitely stands out and draws attention. Although its not a lengthy post, lets brunch in their menu that we tried last week.

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Donburi Ichiya – Japanese Rice Bowl Bar

Welcoming August with you guys with a go-to and simple Japanese food that are easy to be found in many malls right now. Here we introduceΒ Donburi IchiyaΒ in Plaza Indonesia. At first, we thought that this place is a more towards the “expensive side” of Japanese Food from its name. However, after we look through it online, they have quite an affordable price. Since its near our church, we decided to give this place a try for our Sunday lunch.
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