Asian Street Food (21-23 July 2017)

Checking in back with you Nommerz, we are going to cover what we’ve been updating in our latest Instagram posts. Last week, 21-23 July to be exact, Uno Indonesia has kindly invited us to attend ASIAN STREET FOOD in Pluit Village Mall. With different choices of street food all across Asia, we are here to present to you the things we nomz last Saturday.

 Main Street

Cozy Seats

Live Music at Night

Just a quick info, Uno Indonesia is a group of event specialists that creates various bazaar and food festivals almost every weekend in different places. For last week, their theme was Asian street food festival where there are many Indonesian and other several countries’ street food tenant presented. Beside the food tenants, this food festival also filled with entertainments such as live music, cooking demo, games and a cute photobooth which is definitely engaging for you to bring the whole family together on the weekend.

Just like other food festival filled with hanging lights, ASIAN STREET FOOD gets into the atmosphere by adding the Asian ornaments and feels to the decoration. There are many tenants but in the main street of Festival Walk – Pluit Village, the line that starts from vendors that sells martabak orins, bola ubi, telor gulung, angkringan boy, sate taichan, porky brothers, dimsum that represent china, rujak singapur which obviously represent Singapore and other smaller tenants with many of our favourite “jajanan jaman sekolah”. So lets jump straight to the things that we had the chance to try there..

Chico Cheese Cream – Martabak Orins

Starting off with something sweet is never a problem, here with us Martabak Orins’ Choco Cheese Cream Mini Martabak (Rp. 18K). What’s unique about this martabak is mainly because their serving is different compare to the ordinary martabak. They serve their martabak in a sort of pizza way if it makes sense. Although its pretty sweet, it is great for preparing our tummy for other nibblets. In other ocassion, Momon has also tried their cheese and greentea martabak which is also great. Maybe a little tips for you all, you can ask for a lesser butter when you are ordering Martabak Orins.

Telor Gulung Mozzarella

We’ are definitely fascinated by how the Telor Gulung Mozzarella (Rp. 25K)  is made. Because the oil has heated up already by the never ending orders, the telor gulung is easily cooked just by pouring the egg batter and quickly rolled by a stick. After its done, it was spread by a shredded mozzarella cheese and burnt through the thing with fire (suddenly i forgot the name of this “thing”) lol. After we tasted this, its true that we could taste the mozzarella, but we are not really a big fan of this telor gulung simply just because it absorbs too much oil which flooded the bottom of the plate.

Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is one of the most common nibble to hunt for during Jakarta’s big day or in event like Jakarta Fair in Pekan Raya Jakarta. Momon went to this year’s Jakarta Fair last month however she didn’t get the chance to buy Kerak Telor. Luckily there’s a Kerak Telor stand in ASIAN STREET FOOD and the best part is.. it tasted really goood!! Since we eat it while its hot.

Toge Goreng

Moving on, well it is none other than the delicious crunch Toge Goreng (fried beansprout). Well its just the name, the process doesnt even related to frying at all. In general, the beansprout is poached and then mixed with yellow noodle and tofu. All that components are then covered in indonesian dressing haha, our peanut dressing and dont forget sweet soy sauce. The plain taste from the beansprout, noodle and tofu really goes well with the peanut dressing. The crunchiness, the richness in every bite.

Sate Taichan

Just like we’ve covered in one of our instagram post, sate taichan is getting lots of attention these days. With numerous number of Sate Taichan joint in Jakarta, we think the one that Mr. Taichan 72 (Rp. 25K for 10pcs) serve is quite nice, plus the chicken used is “gendut-gendut” not like many Sate Taichan we tried before, thats why we like it.

Bakso Goreng Gajah

We are afraid at first to try this bakso goreng just because of its size. Its humongous and we’ve never seen one that big before lol. However, after being curious of it taste because their shelf is always empty and they are always frying which convinces us that it must taste nice. Too bad, they ran out of stock for the giant size of Bakso Goreng Gajah, so we try their normal size instead (Rp. 15K/pcs) . Guess what… turns out it tasted really nice 😦 and yes, we regret not buying the giant one at first.

Rujak Singapore

Although many of us think that Rujak only comes from Indonesia, but in real life Rujak comes from different countries as well with different modification and way of serving. We’ve tried the real Singaporean Rojak (what’s they called there) when we’re still studying in Singapore last time. The difference is that Singaporean like to serve their Rojak with dough fritters (or more known as cakwe) and rough chopped peanuts (while in Indonesia often serves the peanut in a more delicate texture. Portion wise, we were shock because the Rujak served in an abundant amount of fruits which is enough for us to share with other 3 people.

That’s all for this week, we hope you enjoy our new update. We would like to kindly say thank you once again to Uno Indonesia for inviting us  to come to Asian Street Food. Remember to follow their social media account to know latest bazar or food festival all around jakarta. Thank you for reading! Love you all 😀

 ASIAN STREET FOOD By: Uno Indonesia

A: Festival Walk – Pluit Village

R: $-$$

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