Sushi Hiro – Definitely a Pleasure to Queue Again

With the success of its first branch in PIK area, the Sushi place that is famous for its Sushi stairs now expands their never-ending queue by opening a branch in Kelapa Gading. Yeap, this week we are going to take you Nommerz to visit Sushi Hiro’s second branch. Even after several months opening in Kelapa Gading, this place is still always crowded during and even before their opening hours. We remember queuing for 2 hours when it first opens in PIK but gladly the queue here in Kelapa Gading is more bearable. Without further ado lets prove why this place deserve all the minutes spent queuing.

Sushi Hiro From Outside

Sushi Hiro Entrance

Sushi Bar 

Dining Area

Handcrafted Paper Decoration on The Ceiling

There’s not much different in the design and ambience between the branch in PIK and Kelapa Gading. It still has the clean, neat, minimalist with many touch of woods on their interior. Most importantly, their new branch still has the pretty white ornaments hanging on the ceiling. The main different are just we think that this branch is way more spacious and it could occupy more customers, YAY US!

Menu wise, their offering is more or less the same with the ones they offer in PIK. However, compare to the first few visit to Sushi Hiro, their menu offering is definitely broader now and all of them makes our tummy craves. Starting from salad, soup, varieties of sushi like maki, gunkan temaki, rolls,nigiri, chirashi, donburi, grill, skewers even to Omakase.

Salmon Sashimi

Uni Sashimi

First and foremost, we ordered 2 sashimi which are Salmon (Rp. 20K) and Uni (Rp. 80K). What we love about Sushi Hiro the most is that you can taste the freshness of the sea goodness in every of the dishes. Especially Uni, one of the must try seafood; to chefs this is considered a delicacy, mostly used as a crown for dishes just like caviar. It has a creamy and smooth texture, you don’t have to chew, it will literally melt. But for those of you who don’t tolerate fishy smell, we suggest not to order Uni. Funfact: you cant wash an uni or sea urchin just because once the shell is opened you have to served like directly, if you rinse it with water, it will lose it’s flavor.

Famous Sushi Hiro’s Sushi Stairs 

Aburi Salmon Cheese 

Aburi Salmon Mentai

Salmon Aburi 

Aburi Kani Mentai 

Secondly, without hesitation we decided to order the Famous Sushi Stairs that consists of Aburi Salmon Cheese (Rp. 25K/2pcs), Aburi Salmon Mentai (Rp. 25K/2pcs), Salmon Aburi (Rp. 20K/2pcs) and Aburi Kani Mentai (Rp. 25K/2pcs). This is our must order menus if we visit Sushi Hiro and just like any other day, everything was full of pure goodness!! Definitely a CHAMPION!!

Salmon Carpaccio

We also ordered Salmon Carpaccio (Rp. 40K) just because we can’t never get enough of Salmon. For those of you who are not really familiar with Carpaccio, it is basically referred as a thinly sliced raw meat or fish served with a sauce depending on each restaurant that serve the dish. Here in Sushi Hiro, they serve Salmon Carpaccio that consist of Salmon Sashimi, Mentaiko Sauce, Tobiko and their special soy sauce.

Ultimate Truffle Gyu Don 

Lastly, we ordered another star of this place which is none other than its Ultimate Truffle Gyu Don (Rp. 85K). Consists of US Beef cooked medium well, onsen egg, garlic chip and truffle sauce, we think that this place served the best Japanese Gyu Don in town. The beef was cooked nicely and with the combination of the runny egg, it was a perfect blend and a perfect match.

With the high expectation we have to the dishes, we went home with a full smile on our face just because Sushi Hiro never fail to deliver super fresh and flavorful dishes and yet very affordable for that kind of quality. With that, we conclude that it was and still worth the long queue. Furthermore, we do think that Sushi Hiro is one of the best sushi places in Jakarta at the moment.

Sushi Hiro – Kelapa Gading

A: Ruko Graha Boulevard Sport Club, Jl. Bulevar Utara Kelapa Gading, Kelapa Gading

T: +6221 29375252

O: MON – SUN (11AM – 14PM & 17.30PM – 22PM)

R: $-$$

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