Fujin – Flavorful Combination in A Plate

Hi there Nommerz ! How is your holiday? Since today is the last day of Lebaran Holiday we would like to share a short review from a Japanese Restaurant that we tried during our holiday. As you know we love Japanese foods, but this time in the diner we tried they gave us surprises. It is Fujin Japanese Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky, which located in Jl. Gunawarman No. 21, Senopati , Jakarta. It is a really nice place to chill and dine at the same time. Without further a due let’s check out the place.

Fujin Entrance

Teppanyaki Seating Area 
Other Seating Area
Teppanyaki Place

This is the main entrance, decorated with Bonsai trees to go along with the Japanese themed dining place. To boost up the Japanese vibe even more, they designed the place using a lot of wood as the main element for the furniture. The place is very cozy and tidy lightened with yellowish lamps. There are a lot of tables and you can also sit in front of the Teppanyaki corner to watch them cook.

Age Tofu Mentaiko Salad

So to start our early dinner, we ordered Age Tofu Mentaiko Salad (Rp.65K). Fresh salad mixed with seaweed and Age Tofu (Lightly Fried Soft Tofu Cubes) drenched with Mentaiko (salted fish roe) dressing and topped with an abundant amount of bonito flakes. Taste really fresh and nice, the mentaiko dressing gave a nice salty kick to the Tofu and the salad. Very light and great for sharing.

Pork Gyoza

Now we tried something that resembles Japan much, something that could be cook in different ways and always tasted great. Gyoza (Rp.95K), you could choose the filling of this Japanese dumplings prawn or pork and we went on with pork! If you feel that 10 pieces is a lot you can order the small portion which consists of 6 Gyoza. Served on a hotplate with shoyu dipping sauce. It Tasted delicious! There wasn’t any empty place inside the Gyozas and please eat them while they are hot, or else you wont get the optimal pleasure. A great Tapas while waiting for your mains.

Mentaiko Potato Cheese Pizza

Not long after we finished our Gyoza another Tapas came. We ordered something that is popular there and it is the Mentaiko Potato Cheese Pizza (Rp.125K) you can choose the size of the portion. We ordered the large one (8 slices). So it is not actually any ordinary pizza because its served with a great twist. They managed to put the Japanese essence into a cross-country dish. Beneath is a thin and savory crepe and then topped with prawn, mentaiko and of course thin slices of potato on top of them lays the melted mozzarella cheese. It tasted amazing, something new and great. We didn’t expect to come across this kind of this in a Japanese restaurant but then again we were recommended by our friends to order this menu if you dine in Fujin. And now we are recommending this goodness to you Nommerz.

Chicken Nanban

Last but not least, another Japanese fusion food. Chicken Nanban (Rp.85K), it is actually a very popular dish coming from Kyushu, basically pan-fried marinated chicken meats drizzled with Japanese tartar sauce and surrounded with pesto dressing. This dish is delicious and we are planning to order this again on our next visit. The flavors were rich and they didn’t clash, instead they complete each other so that the taste was greatly balanced and this dish made us ordered a bowl of rice.

We do hope all of you Nommerz can taste what we had at that day. That is all for today and please do let us know if you have any suggestion, comments, or even feedbacks on the comment box below. On our next review, we are going to bring you something that is quite popular nowadays. Be sure to follow our instagram to show us some love. Thank you for reading ! Take care and God bless J.

Fujin Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky

A: Jl. Gunawarman No. 21, Senopati, Jakarta

T: +6221 2751 3838/3030

O: MON – SUN (11.30AM-3PM, 6PM-11PM)

R: $-$$

Fujin Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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