Asian Street Food (21-23 July 2017)

Checking in back with you Nommerz, we are going to cover what we’ve been updating in our latest Instagram posts.Β Last week, 21-23 July to be exact,Β Uno Indonesia has kindly invited us to attend ASIAN STREET FOOD in Pluit Village Mall. With different choices of street food allΒ across Asia, we are here to present to you the things we nomz last Saturday.

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Sushi Hiro – Definitely a Pleasure to Queue Again

With the success of its first branch in PIK area, the Sushi place that is famous for its Sushi stairs now expands their never-ending queue by opening a branch in Kelapa Gading. Yeap, this week we are going to take you Nommerz to visit Sushi Hiro’s second branch. Even after several months opening in Kelapa Gading, this place is still always crowded during and even before their opening hours. We remember queuing for 2 hours when it first opens in PIK but gladly the queue here in Kelapa Gading is more bearable. Without further ado lets prove why this place deserve all the minutes spent queuing.

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Pokenbir – Setting Aside Cholesterol Just for a Day

Whats nomming on everyone? Hope you are all doing fine πŸ˜€ We are back with a short review of a place that is recommended by a close friend of ours. Heading South, Pokenbir is located in one of the office tower in Setiabudi area. When we first heard about the name, we thought this place is a bar or a solid place to chill. However, our friend told us that the word β€œPokenbir” is originated from the combination of β€œpork” and β€œbeer” and it all make sense now. Like the name, Pokenbir is famous for their broad range of tasty pork meat! Let us set aside cholesterols at the moment and jump into our review.

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Fujin – Flavorful Combination in A Plate

Hi there Nommerz ! How is your holiday? Since today is the last day of Lebaran Holiday we would like to share a short review from a Japanese Restaurant that we tried during our holiday. As you know we love Japanese foods, but this time in the diner we tried they gave us surprises. It is Fujin Japanese Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky, which located in Jl. Gunawarman No. 21, Senopati , Jakarta. It is a really nice place to chill and dine at the same time. Without further a due let’s check out the place.

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