Awesome Coffee – Fell in Love with Their Earl Grey Ice Cream

Welcome back Nommerz! How’s your holiday ? We wish all of you Nommerz having a great time in this Lebaran. Well we are staying in Jakarta for this holiday and we do enjoy the traffic that much. So lately, we are into Coffee and we don’t really know why, its just we are starting to look for caffeine on our daily basis. Just a couple days ago, Momon told me that there is a newly opened Coffeeshop in Kelapa Gading that serves Earl Grey Soft Ice cream, and she knows its Simmon’s fave tea flavor. Without any hesitation, we decided to visit the Coffeeshop to taste it ourselves. Oh yes, we forgot to mention the name, its Awesome Coffee and it is located near Kelapa Gading Sport’s Club. Alright now, scroll down to see whats inside.

IMG_3479Awesome Coffee’s Entrance

IMG_3475Coffee Bar

IMG_3474Pretty Instaworthy Tea Cups Corner

IMG_3478First Floor Seating Area

IMG_3477Second Floor Seating Area

That is the main entrance, the big wooden door with a propotional letter A. So here are the pictures of the interior. Both of us were scheming thru the designs and we nodded HAHA. We love the simple yet comfy design of this shop. It got shelves for teapots and glass (they are for sale). And they have the upper dining area which have one picnic table surrounded with led lights. In overall, we could simply say that this place can make people stay to chit-chat or work. Anyway our first plan coming in here just to try the Ice-cream but when we are ordering, it began pour rain so we decided to sit and enjoy some of their menus.

Their Famous Earl Grey Soft Ice Cream

Priority done right, we filled our tummy with the Earl-Grey Soft Ice Cream (Rp.22K). You can choose how your Ice Cream would be served, cone or cup and for use we chose cone. Needless to say, without any bias regarding the flavor it was really nice, not too sweet and you can taste the Earl-Grey in it. Since it’s a Soft Ice Cream, it melts easily so better lick it before it drip. Momon who’s not a big fan of Earl Grey in the first place, totally fell for their rich and creamy earl grey ice cream.

Ice White Coffee 

So as we told you before, we are now into Coffee. And we don’t really understand why people love coffee that much and up until know, we too cant figure out why, its just you love it and you have that special desire for it HAHA. Right back on the review, we ordered Ice White Coffee (Rp. 38K). Great companion for our chit-chat session and it comes without sugar so the sweetness is under your control. Roger that! They serve the coffee with a metal straw, and a denim pad and we are starting to get the hang of the concept.

Waffle Potato Fries with Green Pepper Jelly Dipping

Well chit-chatting, coffee, rains what else do you need? Small bites are undeniably perfect for this kind of moment. So we ordered Waffle Potato Fries with Green Pepper Jelly Dipping (Rp.42K). We are going to review about the dipping only since the color is very eye-catching. So actually it tasted sweet and sour but more to sweet with a hint of heat, and it is not a liquid substance, its more like Jam and it goes well with the fries according to Simmon, but Momon prefers just the fries.

Battered Fried Zucchini with The Eye-catching Dipping Sauce

Next is Battered Fried Zucchini with Magenta Dipping Sauce. This one, we really can tell what is the ingredient of the sauce, it was a bit tasteless, very watery and was not oily at all. We continuously took turns in guessing and we cant really tell since it didn’t have any significant flavor. And the batter was a bit soggy not what we expected from a deep fried appetizer. We are again served with golden forks and denim pads. We could say that they are boosting the urban minimalized design, which is unique !

All in all, this Coffeeshop is great and comfortable. A perfect hangout place to open up your laptop and get your works done or just to simply spend your time having conversation with your relatives over cups of coffee. We do hope you Nommerz could come here and taste the Earl-Grey Soft Ice Cream. Take care wherever you are and we wish you Happy Eid! Anyway if you have any question or suggestion, please let us know on the comments below or through our Instagram. Will see you again on our next review shortly ! Thank you for reading ! God bless you ❤

Awesome Coffee

A: Rukan Graha Bulevard Blok B18. Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

O: MON – SUN (8AM-9PM)

R: $-$$

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