Ojju – Rolling Our Belly Closer to The Cheese Goodness

Hello Nommerz! With the rising varieties of Korean Food in Jakarta, this spot is undoubtedly one of the most visited and most raved among its category this month. Having 4 branches in Jakarta, Ojju has never been empty without any queue. But we’re extremely lucky because when we decided to dine there, the queue is pretty bearable we only waited for 10 mins (THANK GOD!). Without further ado, lets roll our belly into the melting cheese!

IMG_3039Ojju Grand Indonesia

IMG_3040Seating Area

In the first picture you pretty much can see some of the people waiting on the line. What’s good about this restaurant is that, their queuing system is very clear so there will be less people complaining about the human error. The second picture shows the seating area which are surrounded with ornaments enhancing the Korean Street food atmosphere.

Chicken Wing Rolling Cheese
When The Cheese Finally Melts and Ready to be Rolled

So first thing first we ordered the main reason why we decided to try Ojju in the first place which is their Chicken Wings Rolling Cheese (Rp. 99K)! There are 3 types of varieties where you can choose beef ribs, chicken drumstick or chicken wings to go with the melting cheese and yeap since Momon is a big fan of chicken wing, she ordered it without hesitation. We also need to choose the spiciness level of the meat and we decided to go with “spicy”. The question is now, is it worth the hype and the queuing?
For us, YES! The flavor of the chicken wing sauce is great and they give plenty of cheese also!! We personally think that it would be more worth it and satisfying if you ordered the chicken wings or chicken drumstick compares to the beef ribs. Because we’ve seen from other tables that the portion of the beef ribs is not that much to enjoy the cheese goodness with.

Fried Rice 
Fried Rice After Being Combined with The Cheese

Furthermore, under the rolling cheese menu, they also offer Fried Rice (Rp. 29K) which caught our eyes because of the heart-shape egg in the middle. Little did we know that the leftover cheese from the rolling cheese is the one they use to make the fried rice. Guess what? Fried rice with melting cheese? AWESOME! Definitely worth every penny that we’re spending! PS. Thank you for showing us a lot of love, fried rice ❤ hahaha!

Beef Budae Jjigae
Beef Budae Jjigae with Soup

Just because two dishes are never enough for us, we decided to order another star of this place which is their Beef Budae Jjigae (Rp. 149K). Budae Jjigae is often called Korean Army Stew, why? Initially, “Budae” is a general term for a military base in Korean and Jjigae is a term for soup/stew. That is why the word army stew or army base stew was born! Just like the rolling cheese, Ojju let us have our own preferences in choosing the condiments of the Budae Jjigae such as beef, chicken, seafood and vegetables only. We think that this dish pairs really well with the first dish that we ordered. Because the soup naturalizes all the fatty guilt of the cheese hihihi at least that works for us! We also add Ramyeon (Rp. 22K) to the Budae Jjigae just to get ourselves a little portion of carbohydrates.


Lastly, we ordered Japchae (Rp. 69K) because at first we think that the portion of the food will not be enough for the 5 of us. Turns out, with two of the first dish we are already pretty full. However, ordering Japchae on that day was not a mistake because it is quite nice and sweet as we know that this is not the restaurant main highlight.

Overall, if you nommerz ask us if this spot is worth the hype? Without hesitation, YES with the rolling cheese and budae jjigae being the main reason. What not to love about this place? The foods were great, the price was okay, the portion was decent and the service was not bad either! Maybe the only thing that hesitates people the most is the queue. But we believe that every hype worthy spot deserve a good queue! That’s all for today, we hope that this week we can deliver your tummy for double post. See you anytime soon! God bless you!


A: Grand Indonesia, East Mall @ 3A (Floor).

P: +62 35 81350

O: MON – SUN (10AM-10PM)

R: $-$$

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