Warung Wakaka – What Took Up Most Lanes in one of Muara Karang’s Area

Welcome back Nommerz! We can’t deny that lately the numbers of Ropang, Indomie and Indonesia’s Streetfood joints are increasing like crazy and Monnomz are here to also review about one of the most crowded place of its kind. Some of you might now this place just by looking at the amount of cars heading going there that acquires most of the lanes in one of Muara Karang’s road. Without further ado, let us introduce Warung Wakaka as our spot of the week!

Warung Wakaka @ Muara Karang 

Dining Area Before it Opens

Dining Area Moments After it Opens

Out of the hype, we decided to try the famous Warung Wakaka ourselves. Warung Wakaka usually opens at 7PM but since we are expecting the heavy queue near the opening time, we arrived there at 5.30PM.. YEAP, with queue being the main reason, we waited for 1hour++. Just right after it opens, most of the tables are filled already. But luckily since we are one of the early birds, we directly saved ourselves a comfy spot to eat.

Peach Yakult

Purple Lemonade (Initially) 
Purple Lemonade (After Color Changing)

To beat our thirst after waiting quite sometimes, we ordered 2 drinks which are Peach Yakult (Rp. 20K) and one of Wakaka’s special drink, Purple Lemonade (Rp. 18K). Both of the drinks were refreshing but we must highlight the Purple Lemonade because the color changing fascinated us. Firstly the drink was blue until a glass of lemonade was poured. As you can see on the last picture the drink really turned purple!

Whats unique about Wakaka is that it serves a broad range of foods starting from Indomie, sandwiches, martabak and even sate taichan. For a second, Warung Wakaka was more like a food court for us. We have chosen non other than the thing that we can boast most from Indonesia, our famous Indomie to start the night with. That night we ordered 3 types of Indomie including Creamy Carbonara, Salted Egg Wakaka and Kuah TomYam. Wakaka allows Nommerz to add on loads of topping for each of the chosen Indomie menu.

Creamy Carbonara Indomie

For the Creamy Carbonara Indomie (Rp. 25K), the sauce was very thick and it spreads evenly. We can definitely taste the carbonara sauce in the Indomie. Adding Bacon (+ Rp. 10K) as a topping definitely helps to boost up the saltiness in the dish.

Salted Egg Wakaka Indomie

However, for the Salted Egg Wakaka (Rp. 22K) sauce was not as great as the creamy carbonara. Although the salted egg texture is visible but the taste of it was not that strong. This time we added Sausages (+ Rp. 5K) as the topping.

Indomie Kuah Tom Yam (1)
Indomie Kuah Tom Yam (2)

The last Indomie we ordered was very unique. When it first arrived, we can’t help but being pretty fascinated once again because the Indomie Kuah Tomyam (Rp. 25K) was served inside a coconut. Because it was served inside a coconut, we can taste a hint of coconut juice in the Tom Yum Soup. Flavor wise, the Tom Yum soup itself was not really concentrated and flavorful.

Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Moving on to the next round, we ordered lots of extra bites for the night. Firstly, Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Rp. 35K) which consist of Wakaka’s special blend of cheese, onions, chives, tomatoes, smoked beef wrapped in a special bread. Momon and Simmon both agrees on giving this grilled cheese sandwich a thumbs up.

Sate Taichan (1 Lusin)

We also ordered Sate Taichan 1 Lusin (Rp. 35K) that has gained its popularity among the supper enthusiast lately! The difference about the usual Sate Taichan with the one they have in Wakaka was that the satay is being deep fried rather than being grilled. The Sate Taichan and its chili sauce was bomb although it was a bit too salty for us.

Martabak Telor Mozzarella with Maling

Lastly, without missing a single thing on the menu we decided to try both of their sweet and savory Martabak. We ordered their famous Martabak Telor Mozzarella with Maling (Rp. 90K). For those of you who are not familiar with “Maling”, it was basically a pork spam and BAM… it works really well with the Martabak Telor. The only thing missing is we think that the Mozzarella cheese on top was not grilled long enough to make the cheese that gooey.

Martabak Tipker Nutella

Martabak Tipker (Tipis Kering) Nutella (Rp. 45K) was our last resort that night because we just want to end it with a perfect sweet dish. Just like its name, the martabak skin itself was indeed very crunchy. For the fillings, we just can’t say no to the nutella! Great combination!

For price wise, we must say that their food was a bit too pricey for a street food joints. However, we definitely recommend their Sate Taichan, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Martabak Telor and Martabak Tipker. Make sure to be there on time (or even spare more time) to avoid the queue. Unless if you Nommerz are interested in visiting their new branch in Kelapa Gading that open from 10AM to 10PM with lesser queue. Till we meet again, spreading love and blessing to wherever you are! Thankyou for reading Monnomz!

Warung Wakaka

A: Jl. Muara Karang, Blok P2 Selatan No. 78-80, Muara Karang, Jakarta 14450

P: +62 21 66602919 / + 62 878 80078789

O: MON – SUN (7PM – 12AM)

R: $-$$

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