Maple & Oak – Brunch Spot that Serves Great Steak and Ribs

Hello there Nommerz! We know that it has been awhile since our last post but it is so good to be back with new food to cover! Anyway today we are going to review a brunch place that is quite popular. Recently many of our friends recommend us to come and try their food and that’s how we got here. It is located in Center Jakarta, Menteng to be exact. Some of you might have heard of this restaurant, it is Maple & Oak. Interesting name right?

 Front View of Maple & Oak

Maple & Oak’s Entrance

First things first, we would like to show you the restaurant. Pictures above shows the front view of the diner and the main entrance. The place is nice and cozy, a great place to hang out with your friends, colleagues or even your family members. Scroll down to see the dining areas.

Prepping Area and Cashier 

Indoor Dining Area

Indoor Dining Area (2)

Outdoor Dining Area

They do have outdoor dining area for those of you Nommerz who like to blend with nature since they fill the spaces with plants. We prefer to be inside because Jakarta’s heat is vicious. So on the second ad third picture, you can see the indoor dining area. And the cashier plus the bar has that cool design, combining woods, metal and a twist of humble cement finishing.

Fresh Infused Water

Ice White Latte

Lets now begin with what we do best! Eating!! To quench our thirst we ordered the Fresh Infused Water (Rp. 60K), this jug of water contains; sunkist, strawberry, kyuri (cucumber), lemon, lime and mint leaves. Well on that particular day, Momon felt really sleepy and she decided to get herself a dose of coffee. And then she proceed to order the Ice White Latte (Rp. 40K) which is not bitter like the way she likes it.

Gravy Fries

Half way through our cure to a scorching day and appetizers, our food came. Starting with the nibbles which was the Gravy Fries (Rp. 48K). The fries were crunchy and the gravy tasted great, it has a spicy and BBQ like flavour. Really recommended for sharing while waiting for your mains!

Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Actually the mains came when we were half through our fries. Yes you can say that they manage their serving time well, and that is a great point. Not many crowded restaurant can manage their serving pace. So for our first dish, we ordered their famous Egg Benedict (Rp. 83K) there are two options for your Egg Benedict, whether you want Salmon or Beef Pastrami. So just like how eggs benedict should be, they serve the eggs on top of toasted sourdough which was delicious and the slices of the smoked salmon were placed next to the sous vide eggs and flooded with basil hollandaise sauce. Other than that they also serve sautéed mushroom and house salad which was drenched with maple orange vinaigrette. The eggs were great, the consistency of the yolks were bomb, it was thick and runny. The salmon gave that richness in flavor to the sourdough.

M&O Cheese Burger

We also ordered American Classic, M&O Cheese Burger (Rp. 88K). What we like about this dish was the well-seasoned beef patty and the oozing cheese and their homemade BBQ Sauce.

Coffee Butter Steak & Egg

Moving on to our top 2 picks here in Maple and Oak. Firstly, their Coffee Butter Steak & Egg (Rp. 138K). It’s quite a new thing for us to try something that is cooked with coffee. However the coffee in the coffee butter did not over power and changed the original taste of the meat itself. The sauce is drenched and well absorbed perfectly by the Pan Seared Angus Sirloin Steak. With the power of the gooey Sous Vide Egg, this dish is definitely worth the try.

Grilled Shortribs

Secondly, Grilled Shortribs (Rp. 138K) which was none other than the highlight dish of our brunch here. It is basically a sweet glazed shortribs completed with potato croquette, sesame mayo, charred baby corn, ponzu, shimeji and garlic chops. Not only the plating that was appealing but with all of the great flavor variety of elements and well-grilled ribs, this dish is definitely a winner. We cant help but wanting to order this more!

Many brunch places often charges high price for one decent meal, but with all of the effort in creating and plating the dish and elements, Maple & Oak has done a great job. We definitely recommend trying this place for you brunch lovers out there because of the great food offering and fast service too. That’s all for now, we will be back really soon with the review of the highly visited Ropang and Indomie places soon. Thank you for reading this post 😀 Spread some love by following our blog, our instagram and other social media platform. See you very soon Nommerz!

Maple & Oak

A: Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.9, Jakarta Pusat – 10310

P: +6221 390 6757

O: MON – SAT (8AM – 9PM), SUN (8AM – 8PM)

R: $-$$

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