Kedai MiKoRo – Indomie Gongso’s Pioneer

Just wanted to say happy fasting to every Nommerz who celebrates. May this Ramadan bring abundant blessings. Today we are going to review a newly opened dining place in the different side of Kelapa Gading area, in Jl. Accordion to be exact. It is Kedai MiKoRo or for long; Kedai Mie, Kopi, Roti. So before we start our review we wanted to say thanks for the kind invitation from Warung MiKoRo. It can’t be denied that nowadays a lot of dining places those serve indomie and ropang (roti panggang), but here in Kedai MiKoRo, they put a whole different twist to the menu. We are sure by now you are guessing, what twist can you put to a common menu. So the waiting is over, scroll down and take a look on what we ordered.

First of all we would like to show the front appearance of the diner, it looks bright with the hanging bulbs on the outdoor dining area and also cozy at the same time. Once you go inside you will notice a lot of attractive hand paintings on the walls. And also the place where they prepare their beverages are outside and as you can see above, its very hygienic and tidy.

MiKoRo’s Entrance

Outdoor Seating Area (PS. Spot Momon!)

Beverages Area

Not feeling like sitting outdoor? Head in to the indoor dining area, its very comfortable and again bright with some eye-catching paintings, it somehow boost up your appetite (it works for us). Oh, by the way just outside the entrance of the indoor dining area, you will see a service table, where you can help yourself to take what you need.

Indoor Area Entrance 

Indoor Dining Area

Self-Service Table 

So a quick introduction for Kedai MiKoRo’s menu, most of their menu are handmade, like bread and the spread, ronde (riceballs), and many more. We were excited because not many diner, especially those who serve toast and noodle use handmade ingredients. We were first recommended to try their Es Jeruk Padang (Rp.15K). Truthfully we were talking to each other and wondered what could make an orange juice differ from the others. In fact it was different, the juice was serve with pulps inside and other than that it tasted a bit zesty. But it was very soothing, the sweetness and the sourness were balanced well and of course it was very refreshing.

Es Jeruk Padang

While we wait for our maincourse, we had this Roti Panggang Crispy Greentea (Rp. 15K) or in English, Greentea Crispy Toast. As we mentioned in the first paragraph, the bread and the spread were handmade. As shown on the picture below, they were very generous of the Greentea spread (as a Greentea lover, this will satisfy you) and you know the toast was crunchy when you see a lot of crumbles after it gets bitten. In other word, we do enjoy the toast and we were satisfied with the homemade spread (we are a big fan of greentea :D), it wasn’t too sweet and the green tea tasted like how we normally love it (we love anykind of greentea that has a bit of bitterness to it). We really recommend to have this while waiting, since we really enjoyed the Ropang Greentea.

Ropang Crispy Greentea

Finally, our indomie came. We ordered 2 portion, one was Internet Mozilla (Rp.30K) and the other was Indomie Kare Nippon (Rp. 30K). Starting of with the Internet Mozilla. Internet here stands for INdomie TEluR korNet, and it is basically a fried instant noodle accompanied with egg and kornet (something like canned minced beef) and topped with melted mozzarella cheese. Okay so the indomie is not handmade, it is a common instant noodle, but what was stunning is the way of the cooking. They use a traditional Javanese cooking technique called Gongso, where you basically cook using a heated wok and just stir it quickly. The outcome was amazing, especially for us who were new to that. The taste of the Internet Mozilla was given a Charcoal-ish twist, and it was once again amazing.

Internet Mozilla

Really recommended for those of you who wanted to try a new taste. And for the Indomie Kare Nippon, it was a boiled instant noodle flooded with thick Indomie’s curry soup and served with a stick of fishcakes, a half-boiled egg and minced meat. The thickness of the soup is great, it kept the heat of the noodle so it was worth every slurp. Again this was a new taste for us, we tried Indomie’s curry before, but how about the curry flavor cooked Gongso-style? Come here to find out personally hehe !

Indomie Kare Nippon

While we were chit chatting with the owner about the menus, he kindly ordered us the dessert. It was Es Mango w/ Ronde (Rp.25K), this is what you need after a good meal, a nice and cold desserts. Referring to the picture above, the dessert consisted of mango slushy, mango mocha, mango jam and freshly chopped mango. What was interesting is the white mochi or the Ronde. Each of the big Ronde has a different fillings, there were cheese, green beans, and crushed peanut if we are not wrong, and the small Ronde have no fillings, they are chewy little balls that completed our dinner.

Es Mango with Ronde

Anyway that is all for our review today, thank you for reading. We do hope you guys can come here and share us about your experiences. If any of you Nommerz would like to recommend us to try new food, please do let us know by leaving a comment. Show us some love by following our instagram and take a good care of yourself ! See you on the next review, God bless !

Kedai MiKoRo

A: Jl. Acordion Block L 5 (near Gading Kusuma)

P: 081938058885

O: Everyday, 4PM- 12 AM

R: $-$$

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