Belly Bandit – Successfully Stole Our Belly

Lately, Noble House has been filled with several new dining places including J.Sparrow’s that we once talked about. This week we will be taking you guys again to Noble House but for a different destination. This week is also special because Belly Bandit has kindly invited us to get our hands on their specialty “build-your-own-burger”.

Belly Bandit’s Entrance 

Open Kitchen (1) 

Open Kitchen (2) 

Belly Bandit’s Dining Area 

Belly Bandit Seating Area

Free Mineral Water Served for Customers

Located in the Mezanine Floor of Noble House, Belly Bandit gives you a cozy and comfortable ambience to chill whether for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They offer different kind of packages throughout the day everyday yippie! Belly Bandit is also one of the first burger joint that allows you nommerz to customize your own burger, which is something fun and new in Jakarta. Without any doubt, their open kitchen caught our attention and immediately made our belly craves out of curiosity. Without further ado, lets dig in to our amazing lunch that day!

The Deep Fried Cauliflower with Spicy Honey Dipping Sauce

To begin our cheat day, they served us something that is not on the menu yet which is The Deep Fried Cauliflower with Spicy Honey Dipping Sauce. This nibble bites is surely a great option for those of you who wants to stay healthy but cant leave your love for junk food. The dipping sauce was nice with recognizable honey taste with a hint of spiciness on it making it far from just a normal sweet and spicy sauce mixture.

Loaded Tots Bandito

Another nibble served to us that day is one of their must-ordered appetizers on the menu which is their Loaded Tots Bandito (Rp. 35K). Similar with Nachos in Mexican Food, here are tater tots with ground beef, jalapeno, corn relish, green onion and most importantly melted cheese house. Definitely worth every calories!

Belly’s California Cobb 

To balance our carbs intake on that day, we decided to order Belly’s California Cobb (Rp. 55K) which is a salad with baby romaine as the main greens with tomato, corn, cucumber, eggs, avocado, tempe and their homemade Caesar dressing. One thing that stood out the most of this dish is that they legit serve fresh ingredients. Because when the dish is being delivered to us, the kind lady that serve the dish to us make sure that every of the condiments on the salad is fresh. When she came across the cucumber part she directly ran back to the kitchen and asks for the cucumber to be changed.

Belly Bandit’s B.Y.O.Burger Menu

Belly Bandit’s B.Y.O.Burger

Belly Bandit’s B.Y.O.Burger Up-close

Moving on to the main reason why Belly Bandit exists, their “Build Your Own Burger” or BYOB!! Belly Bandit’s B.Y.O.Burger (Rp. 75K) consists of choosing one type of Bun, one type of patty, two toppings (for more, you can add additional Rp. 10K/topping) and one sauce (for more, you can add additional Rp. 15K/sauce).

On that day we asked the waiter to recommend us their ultimate combination of B.Y.O.Burger. So he helped us and chooses Whole Wheat for the bun, double patty (Rp. 35K), Fresh Avocado, Fried Egg, Pork Bacon, U.S. Yellow Cheese, Caramelized Onion and Singature BB Sauce. The portion was just enough for us not too big and not too small. Flavor wise, the patty was very juicy and all the condiments really boost up all the flavor. Just like its name Belly Bandit, we definitely think that their specialty dish stole our belly!!

Avocado Espresso Milkshake

Burgers and Milkshakes are one of the dynamic duos in western countries. That is why we ordered Belly Bandit’s Milkshake – Avocado Espresso (Rp. 55K). Usually we’re already full after eating a burger but on that day we decided to go on to another level by ordering it. Surprisingly the avocado shake was very light and the flavor was so great, which did not make us too full. I remember raving about Monks’ avocado but this one is a tight rival to it. Its not too sweet and the coffee taste blended perfectly. Little did we know that their coffee is from Anomali Coffee, which is highly raved in Jakarta. This is the first time that we try it and we personally like the taste of the coffee.

All in all, we really had a great dining experience in Belly Bandit. Their staffs were so friendly and we are grateful for their hospitality. We would like to say thank you once again for inviting Monnomz to taste the goodness of your amazing burger, all the nibbles and Avocado Espresso that stole Momon’s heart deeply. We will definitely pay a visit back here again soon to try other BB Sinature Well, we guess this is all for today and thank you all readers! See you soon on our next blog post 😀 Have a blessed day.


A: Noble House Building, Mezzanine Level. Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat, Kuningan, Jakarta

P: (021) 5010 1862

O: Everyday, 8.30 AM- 10 PM

R: $-$$

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