Yoogane – Korean Cheesy Chicken Galbi

Hey hey Nommerz ! Today we are going to review something that is really happening nowadays. Something related to melted cheese, many restaurants have this kind of food, but we are here today to dine inside one of the first restaurants to ever have this kind of menu. Cheese lovers feeling excited yet?? Let us introduce you to YooGane. Just a quick story, actually in the past, we really hope to try this restaurant back when we were still students in Singapore. However as students we needed to empty our wallet to dine here (the prices are different in Singapore). But now, thank God we could dine here and thank you Indonesia for a cheaper pricing haha! Okay stop with all the story, lets take a look at what we had.

Yoogane’s Entrance

Yoogane’s Dining Area

Firstly we visited to the one that is located in Lotte Shopping Avenue and above is the look of the restaurant’s entrance. On the second picture is the seating place inside. It gave that Korean vibe with some straw-made sunshade.

Korean Kimchi Ramyeon

Anyway we ordered 2 menus only since we were afraid that we could not finish it. Since we are in a korean restaurant we decided to order Korean Kimchi Ramyeon (Rp. 28K). It was actually an instant noodle so nothing much to be offered.

Cheese Chicken Galbi (First Came)

When We Tried to Measure the Portion

How to Enjoy Cheese Chicken Galbi

Lets just move on to the food that helps this restaurant become popular. The Fresh Cheese Fondue Chicken Galbi (Rp. 153K for two). Beforehand we would like to mention that everything that we wrote or we will write in our review is based on our personal experiences. So when the Cheese Fondue Chicken Galbi came, we were slowly dropping our jaw as we saw the tempting gooey melted cheese. The dish is actually fillet chicken meat with condiments such as onions, spring onions, cabbage and of course the melted cheese. However as we mixed through the Chicken, we noticed that the dish was very small in the actual portion as seen from the third picture above. Fortunately it tasted good! Just that you need to mix and stir them constantly to prevent the chicken from sticking to the pan. 

One thing that made us felt a bit upset was the service. Here is the story, we are halfway through our dishes and we decided to chit-chat while we casually finish our foods. One of the waiters came to our table asking if she could pick up the dirty plates and we said we are not yet finished so she returned. After just 5 minutes another waiter came to our table and asked the same thing (PS. she started to take some of our plates while asking), and we were like, is there a time-limit? Because it was quite obvious that we have not finished our meals. Long story short we felt inconvinient so we just let her pick the rest of the plates. The thing is, there were no queue outside and no other customers inside which made us think why need to rush when we can eat properly? In the end we told one other waiter about our experience there when we were leaving. We do hope they could improve the services.

It is very unfortunate that we had an unexpected experience here. We do hope if you Nommerz pay a visit here, you would not be in our shoes. And that is all for today, just a hint for the next review. Its one of our fave place to dine in Singapore in our new edition, #monnomztravels! Be sure to leave any comment and as always feel free to recommend us dishes that you would like us to try 🙂 See u on our next #NOMZVENTURE ! God bless ! 


A: Lotte Shopping Avenue, Level 2, Jl. Prof Dr Satrio, Karet, Jakarta

P: (021)29889294

O: Everyday, 10 AM- 10 PM

R: $-$$

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