WARBIKU – Who Can Say No To Indomie?


Yo what’s up Nommerz?! We do hope you guys are great! Because we feel excited about today’s short review. First of all its not rare to see something related to Sambal Matah is in our orders, guess what? Another one is coming in your way guys ! We are back with Warbiku, or Warung Babi Kesukaanku which is located in the famous street full of Medanese supper place,  Muara Karang. Actually we visited Warbiku many times before, in fact they have moved from their old location (was in Muara Karang as well) they now have a much bigger place compared to the previous place. Well we think enough for the introduction of the place, lets scroll and drool shall we ? 

Warbiku From Outside

Hand Drawn Art in Warbiku
Warbiku Entrance 

Warbiku Dining Area

Samyang with Melted Cheese and Fried Sunny Side Egg


So basically they serve pork, which is their middle name haha ! The menu varied from rice to noodle, depends on how would you like your pork served with. So the main difference is only the carbs, the rest is the same. They serve the pork with crispy pork skin and their signature sambal matah. On that day we were feeling spicy, so we ordered Samyang with Melted Cheese and Fried Sunny Side Egg (Rp.55K). It was just as expected except the pork was crispy enough to have your friend turn their head on you when you take a bite. One thing that was a problem for us is they served the Samyang in a hotpot bowl which will burn the bottom-placed noodle in seconds. So you gotta stir it quickly before the Samyang gets burnt.

Indomie Babi Goreng Matah with Poached Egg 

Babi Goreng Matah with Rice


And now we are heading to the purpose why this restaurant is opened, Indomie with Babi Goring Matah (Rp. 43K). The fried pork, complete with sambal matah, pork skin crackers and of course Instant Noodles and rice respectively. Needless to say those dish were really bomb ! And they will always be bomb for us, because we kept coming back with our friends who like sambal matah as much as we do. In fact that very friend of ours ate like 3 portion of The fried pork with sambal matah (we are not exaggerating, that night he decided to be a beast). For Poached Eggs (Rp.6K) ,those are optional, since you write your own order. We were really pleased with the food everytime we dine here, meaning the taste is constantly delicious. 

Well that is all for our short review today, we would love to hear your experience in the comment section below. As always, show us some love by following our instagram and of course feel free to recommend us foods you would like us to try :). Will see you in our next #NOMZVENTURE!! We’ll be back, until then please take care and God bless !


A: Jl. Muara Karang Raya blok Z3S no 64A

O: Everyday, 6 PM- 12 AM

R: $-$$

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