Gonzo’s Tex Mex Grill – Fresh and Flavorful Mexican Food

Its just us or you Nommerz also feels that this year flies really fast? Can’t believe we are just one month away from the mid of the year! Nevertheless, welcome back to our food diary! Beside our addiction to Korean and Japanese food, we are also a big fan of Mexican food which gaining some popularity in Jakarta lately. Looking back, although there are some Mexican food places here but it was tough to find the one place that serves flavorful yet affordable taco, quesadillas and its gang lol. However today, we are happy to invite you to join our Mexican food craving in the heart of the CBD Area.

Gonzo’s Tex Mex Grill Entrance 

Gonzo’s Dining Area (1)

Gonzo’s Bar Area

Gonzo’s Cute Wall Paintings

Gonzo’s Dining Area (2) 

First thing first, we must say that although their interiors are very simple but its bright and vibrant environment creates a happy, energizing and friendly dining vibe. Providing a spacious seating area, this place is perfect for people who are around Kuningan area to chill out after a long day after work.

Virgin Margarita

Sparkling Coconut 

Flavor Peach Squash

To kick start your lunch or even brighten up a night, Gonzo Tex Mex Grill offers a range of different cocktails, mocktails, margaritas and also different type of happy hours promotion drinks. Monnomz ordered 3 types of drinks on that day which are; Virgin Margarita (Rp. 35K), Sparkling Coconut (Rp. 30K) and also Flavor Peach Squash (Rp. 35K). Among three of the drinks above we favored both the Virgin Margarita and Peach Squash because it were very refreshing and it was definitely a great kick start before our dishes. The Sparkling Coconut was also okay but we did feel a bit strange at first because it was the first time we tried coconut water that was mixed with ingredients with tropical taste. However the after taste of Sparkling Coconut is not bad after all!

Gonzo’s Nachos

Besides drinks we also ordered the appetizer that you cant miss in every Mexican Food Place, which is none other than Gonzo’s Nachos (Rp. 69K). Same like other Nachos, this starter is perfectly paired with crunchy tortilla chips, chilli corn carne, cheese blend, tomatoes, salsa sauce, jalapenos, sour cream and guacamole. However, we must give an ultimate credit for their guacamole and salsa sauce!!! SO BOMB!!! Both of the guacamole and salsa sauce was perfectly made and tasted really fresh that will definitely leave you wanting more!

Beef Fajitas Quesadillas

Moving on to the real deal, this Beef Fajitas Quesadillas (Rp. 79K) is our favorite dish of the day. Steak, sweet peppers, onions and tomatoes wrapped warmly inside the tortillas with plenty cheese that will definitely melts in your mouth. Although there are many condiments, the flavor of the steak stood out and the amount of meat that they gave was also generous. Highly Recommended!

Shrimp Hard Tacos

Next up, another dish that is not far from the Quesadillas the champ, is their Shrimp Hard Tacos (Rp. 79K). Gonzo offers two kind of Tacos, the soft and the hard shell. But we ordered the hard shell taco with the jumbo shrimp filling on that day to differentiate texture of our dishes. All in all, the flavor was also great but maybe because the amount of vegetables that they gave us, the shrimp did not stood that much.

Chicken Burrito

Last but not least, we ordered Chicken Burrito (Rp. 79K) to lock in all those carbs together. Because we quite full after eating the first 2 dish, this one did not gave us a “wow” feeling. The Mexican rice filling is something that is quite unique to try. Thanks to the guacamole, salsa sauce and sour cream, this dish becomes more flavorful. But for you nommerz who cant live without your daily intake of carbs, you might want to order this 😀

All in all, We totally recommend this place to try if you are looking for a good yet affordable Mexican Food around Jakarta. PS. don’t forget to ask for more guacamole and salsa sauce when you are there! It’s a must!!

For your constant support and love for Monnomz we would like to say gracias! We are going to visit our second home Singapore this weekend so make sure to stay tune for more new updates. If there are any food that you Nommerz wants us to try there, leave us some comments down below or direct message us through our email or Instagram page. Have a blessed day people, hang in there because weekend is coming!


A: Lotte Shopping Avenue – Lower Ground (LG) Floor (Besides Supermarket)

P: (021) 29888973

O: Everyday, 10 AM – 10 PM

R: $-$$

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