Kedai MiKoRo – Indomie Gongso’s Pioneer

Just wanted to say happy fasting to every Nommerz who celebrates. May this Ramadan bring abundant blessings. Today we are going to review a newly opened dining place in the different side of Kelapa Gading area, in Jl. Accordion to be exact. It is Kedai MiKoRo or for long; Kedai Mie, Kopi, Roti. So before we start our review we wanted to say thanks for the kind invitation from Warung MiKoRo. It can’t be denied that nowadays a lot of dining places those serve indomie and ropang (roti panggang), but here in Kedai MiKoRo, they put a whole different twist to the menu. We are sure by now you are guessing, what twist can you put to a common menu. So the waiting is over, scroll down and take a look on what we ordered.

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Belly Bandit – Successfully Stole Our Belly

Lately, Noble House has been filled with several new dining places including J.Sparrow’s that we once talked about. This week we will be taking you guys again to Noble House but for a different destination. This week is also special because Belly Bandit has kindly invited us to get our hands on their specialty “build-your-own-burger”.

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Yoogane – Korean Cheesy Chicken Galbi

Hey hey Nommerz ! Today we are going to review something that is really happening nowadays. Something related to melted cheese, many restaurants have this kind of food, but we are here today to dine inside one of the first restaurants to ever have this kind of menu. Cheese lovers feeling excited yet?? Let us introduce you to YooGane. Just a quick story, actually in the past, we really hope to try this restaurant back when we were still students in Singapore. However as students we needed to empty our wallet to dine here (the prices are different in Singapore). But now, thank God we could dine here and thank you Indonesia for a cheaper pricing haha! Okay stop with all the story, lets take a look at what we had.

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WARBIKU – Who Can Say No To Indomie?


Yo what’s up Nommerz?! We do hope you guys are great! Because we feel excited about today’s short review. First of all its not rare to see something related to Sambal Matah is in our orders, guess what? Another one is coming in your way guys ! We are back with Warbiku, or Warung Babi Kesukaanku which is located in the famous street full of Medanese supper place,  Muara Karang. Actually we visited Warbiku many times before, in fact they have moved from their old location (was in Muara Karang as well) they now have a much bigger place compared to the previous place. Well we think enough for the introduction of the place, lets scroll and drool shall we ? 

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Gonzo’s Tex Mex Grill – Fresh and Flavorful Mexican Food

Its just us or you Nommerz also feels that this year flies really fast? Can’t believe we are just one month away from the mid of the year! Nevertheless, welcome back to our food diary! Beside our addiction to Korean and Japanese food, we are also a big fan of Mexican food which gaining some popularity in Jakarta lately. Looking back, although there are some Mexican food places here but it was tough to find the one place that serves flavorful yet affordable taco, quesadillas and its gang lol. However today, we are happy to invite you to join our Mexican food craving in the heart of the CBD Area.

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