Bandar Djakarta – Seafood Galore in Town

In this post of MONNOMZ, we are back with something that is very common in Jakarta’s culinary! It is the one of the best and most well known seafood restaurant. Yup, you guess it right! it is none other than Bandar Djakarta 😀 It has branches spread all over Jakarta, such as; Baywalk Pluit, Ancol, Bekasi and Alam Sutera. After going numerous time to Bandar Djakarta in Ancol and Baywalk, we went to the branch located in Alam Sutera this time.

First of all both of us and 3 of our bestfriends wanted to go to IKEA to find some relaxation but at the end of our visit to IKEA we were craving for seafood. Since Bandar Djakarta is quite near from IKEA,  we decided to dine there (literally without any second thought). Another information for those who dont know, when ordering the dishes you are expected to choose your own seafood at the provided space, complete with a lot of aquariums and cooler boxes.

Firstly if you ever wonder to get a clear image of the restaurant, we wanted to apologize for not showing the photo of the restaurant. Hence we do hope we could redeem that with the images of the foods which we framed. But one thing for sure, Bandar Djakarta is very rarely to be out of crowd. But we must say out of 3 branches, this branch is by far the cleanest, tidiest and also less crowded compare to the other two.

Tauge Cah Bawang Putih

Kangkung Cah Terasi

Lets start with veggies shall we? Here, we ordered two plates of vegetables as seen above. Those are Stir fried Beansprout with garlic (Rp. 18K) and of course the compulsory veggie at every seafood restaurant, the Kangkung with Terasi (Rp. 18K). The veggies were delicious and fresh! But since those are veggies, you better eat them while its hot.

Next is the Deep Fried Calamari (a must ordered dish in every seafood restaurant)!!  However, another sorry for not providing the picture but we do have some story behind this. So we ordered 1 kg (around Rp. 13K / 100 gr) of squid to be deep fried.  Yeah you heard it right 1 kg hahaha! We do that everytime we eat here (we were in a group of 5), so long story short our calamari were delivered and we were shock to see the portion of the calamari. We were not sure how many ounces were served, but we do know that they were a lot less than what we ordered. So they took the plate back and we start eating other dishes (wait for it, hehe) with hands cos we think that it was the best way to enjoy a great seafood feast!! Because of that we forgot to take out the camera when the Calamari finally arrived at out table 😦 too bad.

Kerang Kampak Tim Bawang Putih

Kerang Bambu Saos Padang

Continuing the seafood galore, lets start with the Steamed Axe Clams with Garlic or Kerang Kampak Tim Bawang Putih (Rp. 21K / Piece) in bahasa. They were amazing, they were juicy and they did not smell fishy at all! The plenty chopped garlic really neutralize the smell. The second picture is Bamboo Clams in Padang Sauce (Rp. 10.5K / 100 gr). Some of you might familiar with it and to some this dish might be new. In bahasa we call it Kerang Bambu. You can choose the sauce for the clams, the options are usually written above the aquarium. They tasted chewy and crunchy at the same time, we’d say this dish is quite unique and interesting in a good way of course, especially Simmon, he likes any type of clams.

Udang Pancet Super Masak Mentega Keju

The next one would be this mouth-watering Grilled Honey-glazed Prawns with melted Cheese (Rp. 27.5K / 100 gr). Combining a traditional simple seafood dish with cheese, cause why not? Cheese goes along with almost everything according to one of our friends, she loves cheese and she suggested us this dish. We could tell you it was amazing and new! The fresh prawns really had that exquisite juiciness to them. The one bad thing that everyone would want to deny is, those are fattening 😦 *sobbing.

Ikan Kuwe Bakar Kecap

Last but not least, the reason behind every foot stepped into the restaurant, the dish that almost ordered in every table besides the Deep Fried Calamari. It is Grilled fish with Sweet Soy Sauce.  We really like grilled fish and we ordered trevally as our fish (we googled that) HAHAHA alright we ordered Kuwe (Rp. 11.5K / 100 gr; the one we ordered is around 600-700gras our fish, because the meat is soft and delicate, and of course the bones are fewer compared to others. They tasted great with the chili provided (mango chili, terasi, and chopped chili with soy sauce). The fish was grilled to its best, this dish is guaranteed to make you take another spoon of rice!

Well that marks the end of our seafood galore, we really hope for Nommerz who has not try this restaurant could try and we hope for those who ate here could come back! We would be more than happy to receive any comments, feedbacks and of course recommendation from all of you! Please show us some love by following our  instagram page 🙂 See you on the next review, take care and God Bless you Nommerz!

Bandar Djakarta

A: Flavor Bliss, Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard, Serpong Utara, Tangerang

P: (021)  53140398

O: Everyday (10AM-11PM)

R: $-$$

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