Sainé Daise – Pretty Place and Pretty Plates

Hello! Whats Nomming On? We know its kinda late but, Happy Easter people! Today we are going to review one of the highly raved dining place in PIK or Pantai Indah Kapuk for its pretty interior. PIK is known to have a lot of new dining place that varies from brunch, café, and restaurant. But today we are going to talk about Sainé Daise.

Dining Area 

Dining Area (2)

Best #OOTD Spot in Sainé Daise

This place is not a brunch place, since they offer meals like pasta, rice, and etc. We came here because we heard a lot of people says it is worth the try. So here we are, Sainé Daise is on the second floor while EIO Patisserie is on the below level. For those of you who likes taking photo for your #OOTD this place is very pretty for that very purpose, especially if we may suggest, the stairs as you can see on the third picture. The first and second pictures are the dining area, they do have the outdoor dining area but of course very limited spaces. When we were here, the dining area above was used for a baby shower event so we headed downstairs to seat.

Iced Café Latte

To start our lunch we wanted something sweet and energizing for our day. We ordered Iced Café Latte (Rp. 40K). Their coffee is from Common Grounds which we often heard for making good coffee. It was very soothing, the coffee was smooth and the balance between the steamed milk and the espresso was great. If you guys wanted something to boost your day we totally recommend this to you! PS. you can add different flavours to the coffee by adding extra Rp. 10K.

Honey Glazed Chicken

To start our real lunch, we ordered Honey Glazed Chicken (Rp. 45K) for our appetizer. It is basically fried Chicken wings glazed with some sweet and spicy sauce. For spicy lovers don’t expect too much, this dish is more towards sweet than spicy. We are not too sure about the composition for the glaze, but the dish was delicious! A good dish to be your companion while waiting for the main courses.

Pork Belly and Matah on Rice 

Barramundi, Pinkfruit, Brownbutter and Taro Chips in Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Now the real lunch will begin, so fasten your mouth. We ordered 2 main courses because we were hungry and we wanted to try more of their menu. We ordered Pork Belly and Matah on Rice (Rp. 85K) and their Barramundi (Rp. 95k). As you can see on the pictures above, very indulging right ? We’ll start with the rice first. We tried a lot of meal that has Sambal Matah, and their meal was not bad. It was tasty, the pork was crispy and plenty, as for the egg it was perfectly cooked a bit runny on the inside which was delicious. One thing that was a problem is the sambal Matah. They should’ve drain the oil more and add more flavour to it, to ensure the quality of the meal. The pork itself was already oily, we do not think it needed extra oil.

Moving on to the next dish, which is the Barramundi. Barramundi itself is a type of fish that has a very delicate and soft fillet when cooked correctly. By looking at the fillet can you guess what is wrong ? we will tell you shortly. If you ever wondered what is that messy and oily thing on the center. It was Pinkfruit or Kencong in Bahasa. You would normally find this kind of ingredient in Laksa or Bumbu Moyang (one of the Indonesian cooking style for fishes). They served the Barramundi fillet with Taro chips, greens and a hint of balsamic sauce. Now what is wrong with that fillet? Visually nothing was wrong with that, it was actually plated beautifully that it makes people put their expectation for the taste. However, right after we took our first bite for the fillet, we thought this is not how you cook a delicate fish. We are no chef, but we know how good fish taste like. When we ask the waitress about the fish, she simply said this is the way they cook it. We mean, the fish is more like deep fried than pan fried which we can say that it is very dry. The pink fruit was tasteless and didn’t help the dryness that the fillet had.

All in all it was a so so experience we had there. Except for the fish the rest were okay. But we must say their plating and dining interior were so pretty tho! This place is recommended for you that likes to hang in pretty places with your girlfriends. We believe that is all for today and we will surely see you again on our next review! Be sure to follow our instagram, we post a lot of food excluded the ones that we reviewed. And as always be free to suggest us any food and feel free to leave a feedback on the comment box below. Thank you for reading ! Take care and God bless you !

Sainé Daise

A: Ruko The Metro, Blok 6 KA, Jl. Mandara Permai VII, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

P: 021 30051662 | 0811 9202330

O: Everyday (11AM-11PM), FRI – SAT (Until 1AM)

R: $-$$

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