Legend of Noodle – Literally a Legend of its Kind

Hey there Nommerz, back with us again on our #NOMZVENTURE! First things first we wanna thank you all Nommerz for being so loyal by reading our reviews. We will always continue to make you drool on every post. Today we are going to review something that is said to be the best of its kind in Jakarta. And here it is the Legend of Noodle, which located in Senopati Area.  Actually there are several branches of Legend of Noodle but after trying some, we still think that the one in Senopati is the best. We are sure you are familiar with the name of the Korean restaurant. According to the name the menu consists of mostly noodle, varied from Black bean noodles, cold noodles , seafood noodles and many more. Before we show you what we ordered, we would like to take you on a short tour to show the inside of the Restaurant. Be sure to keep your mouth closed to prevent you from drooling.

Legend of Noodle Entrance 

Seating Area Level 2

Seating Area Level 2 

So the first picture is the logo shown on the entrance. The second and third pictures are the dining area provided on the second floor. They do have the first floor dining area, but due to some picture quality problems we couldn’t be able to show you Nommerz, because we always want to ensure the best for you! Anyway as you can see, the place is quite crowded and after several visits here, we concluded that this restaurant is very popular, among both Locals and Koreans. For those of you who likes to watch K-Drama you might expect to see some handsome Oppa and pretty Unnie there 😀  haha

Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodle)

And now you have arrived in the food station ! We ordered the popular and recommended dishes they have. Starting with the classic Jjajangmyeon (Rp. 55K) we ordered the chicken Jjajangmyeon, but they also provide options for you who likes pork. So it is one of the classic, legendary, and all time meal in Korea. It is basically a noodle poured with generous amount of Black bean sauce which was very delicious, mixed with corns and peas and of course minced chicken meat, to top it off a little quail egg. Taste wise it was really delicious and unique in a good way. You will not find a flavor like this other in Korea. We tried a lot of Jjajangmyeon and by far we could say that this is the best! It went along really good with the sides like Kimchi, raw onions, radish, and so on (you can always ask for more if you want to).

Haemul Jjampong (Spicy Seafood Noodle)

Next is a dish that is also Korean’s classic cuisine. Its called Haemul Jjampong (Rp. 80K) We do not know what it means but by looking at the dish, its quite obvious isn’t it ? Well yes it is a Spicy Seafood Noodle. Believe me what you see is what you will get, yes ! You will be given a lot of seafood like mussels, clams, squid, octopus, and many veggie of course. Taste wise, amazing and rich broth, we kept coming back for this, especially both Simmon and Momon likes everything that is related to soup. The spiciness is tolerable, and the noodle was boiled to perfection (was not hard nor too soft). If you come here we really suggest you to start your experience with those two dishes we just talked about. And another important thing, the portion is really worth the price.

Wang Don Katsu (Pork Katsu with Rice)

Not feeling like eating noodle ? Do not worry, they also provide rice as a meal. Like the picture above Wang Don Katsu (Rp. 70K), you can choose either pork or chicken meat to be your katsu. The meal is provided with crunchy pork katsu  (what we ordered on that day) and some salad. Actually they will also give you their special sauce that tasted savory. Taste wise it was good, but once a katsu will be a katsu.

Tangsuyuk (Deep Fried Battered Pork)

Lastly we could not resist this meal when we saw one of the waiters deliver it to another customer’s table. It is called Tangsuyuk (Rp. 90K / Rp. 170K), the price refers to the portion you want to order. And again they provide you with options of Chiken or Pork. It is basically a deep fried battered Pork (we chose pork again) accompanied with sweet and sour sauce. The Tangsuyuk itself without the sauce was already good for some people like Momon, because the sweet and sour sauce was very thick and gooey, however Simmon our all-around eater said it was delicious. The deep fried pork was crunchy and not oily at all, we thought the meat could be dry on the inside but no it was juicy and perfectly seasoned. This dish suits to be shared on the table and you would not regret what you paid for.

Unfortunately that is all for today’s review we hope we could be more consistent in posting our reviews. As always thank you for reading and we would be more than excited if any of you Nommerz could suggest us a place to eat, by writing a comment below, or if you have any question, please do not hesitate to drop us an email or comment. And show us some love by followings our instagram ! Till next #NOMZVENTURE ! Take care and God bless!

Legend of Noodle

A: Jl. Senopati No. 81, Senopati, Jakarta

P: (021)  5210230

O: Everyday (11AM-10PM)

R: $-$$

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