MONKS – Best Brunch Place in Kelapa Gading By Far

Welcoming you to April and the first post of the month! Hello again Nommerz! As we said on our previous review on En Dining, today’s post will be about the review our fave brunch place. So here with are with MONKS in Kelapa Gading Area.

Monks’ Iconic Entrance Door

First Floor Dining Area

Instaworthy Spot on the Second Floor

Dessert Display 

Take a look at the picture above, it’s the main entrance, so do not be confused it’s a turning door so you just push it on your left or right. Second picture is the first level dining area out of 3 areas provided. The place was really cozy and nice, the design has that elegant yet simple vibe, especially the marble table located on the side-table. Want some cute, unique, and simple place to take pictures ? Head up to the second floor where they have that hanging chair shown in the third image. They actually have 3 floors, but due to some event held at that time, we could not frame the third dining area. The fourth picture is the dessert cooler, can you guess which cake we ordered ? You will find your answers below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Avocado Coffee Blended

Earl Grey Tea

Before you scroll down to the second last paragraph we wanna show you the reason behind our statement. First thing first we were thirsty and Momon was craving for avocado (fun fact : Momon doesn’t like sliced avocado but she really likes avocado made into a juice). She ordered Avocado Coffee (Rp. 50K). It is literally Avocado Juice topped with Choco Icecream and accompanied with 1 shot of coffee. An odd combination? Not until you mixed it up and slurp it up! You might think this thing would be very very sweet but no, the coffee actually neutralize all the sweetness the drink has. Yes we very much recommended this drink to be on your order list. What Simmon ordered is very typical of him, yes tea and it was Earl Grey Tea (Rp. 25K) his fave tea.

PBB – Pork Bacon Bomb

Well lets start on our hunger after satisfying our thirst. We ordered what is said to be MONKS favourite nibbles. PBB or Pork Bacon Bomb (Rp. 45K). According to its name, it was the bomb. It is actually 5 rolls of sushi rolled with bacon and nori (dried seaweed) and topped with torched spicy mayo. We were looking at each other after we took our first bite and we nodded. The composition is simple yet the taste was amazing and rich, its like the taste didn’t come out from some simple ingredients. After looking back at the price, well it was really worth the price.

The Japanese Lava

Moving on to the main courses. We were expecting a lot after trying their appetizer. We ordered The Japanese Lava (Rp. 65K), we were thinking Japanese and lava (something refers to liquid substance) must be Japanese curry and our guess was right! We loved it, the curry was very much Japanese-ish and the crunchy chicken katsu which was not soggy at all, really goes along with the savoury curry. If you decide to eat Asian course or in other word something with rice Haha Asian stereotype. We suggest you to put his in your orders.

The Rising Sun 

The sun rises right after the curry. We ordered The Rising Sun (Rp. 100K), it is hamburg steak, complete with grilled veggie and of course the poached egg which resembles the sun. Even after only one bite, we were planning to come here again for this meal (we were not exaggerating). The Hamburg steak was perfectly seasoned and juicy. The ground beef was not close to some typical hamburg, the texture was chewy and (sigh) it was one of the best Hamburg steak we ever tried. Even though it is not recommended in the menu, we strongly recommend this meal according to our sense of taste. Its Momon’s second time here and she ordered this meal on both of her visit (PS. she just can’t get enough of it).

Left to Right: Monks’ Famous Stone Cake and Monks’ Christmas Special

Lastly here are the answers to the question we asked on the first paragraph. We ordered Monks’ famous Stone Cake (Rp. 40K) and Monks’ Christmas Special. Who got it right?? Parents always talk about if we do not study hard enough we will not find a job. However, for us the sentence always goes like this β€œStudy hard! what do you wanna eat when you are old enough?? are you going to eat rocks?!”. As for now, we studied and we worked to eat stone, literally hahahaha. The Stone Cake was not hard like a rock would normally be, instead it tasted very delicate in texture since it’s a choco mousse filled with banana sauce. Choco and Banana classic combination, for those of you who likes mousse you might like the Stone Cake. Next is the expensive looking white chocolate mousse with thin gold foil on top of the cream above the cake. This cake is said to be seasonal, however it tasted really great.  It was not too sweet as  the white chocolate is complemented and balanced by a hint of mint and cookie crunch which blends everything perfectly.

All in all we were happy that we found our place ! We do hope that you can try what we had. As always be sure to follow our instagram and if you have any recommendation or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. We will see you again on our next #Nomzventure! Take care and Have a blessed weekend guys ❀


A: Komplek Graha Boulevard Timur, Summarecon Kelapa Gading Blok ND1/51, Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara (Opposite Al-Azhar, Kelapa Gading)

P: (021) 21889061 ext:111

O: Everyday, 7AM – 10PM

R: $-$$

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