Bandar Djakarta – Seafood Galore in Town

In this post of MONNOMZ, we are back with something that is very common in Jakarta’s culinary! It is the one of the best and most well known seafood restaurant. Yup, you guess it right! it is none other than Bandar Djakarta 😀 It has branches spread all over Jakarta, such as; Baywalk Pluit, Ancol, Bekasi and Alam Sutera. After going numerous time to Bandar Djakarta in Ancol and Baywalk, we went to the branch located in Alam Sutera this time.

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Sainé Daise – Pretty Place and Pretty Plates

Hello! Whats Nomming On? We know its kinda late but, Happy Easter people! Today we are going to review one of the highly raved dining place in PIK or Pantai Indah Kapuk for its pretty interior. PIK is known to have a lot of new dining place that varies from brunch, café, and restaurant. But today we are going to talk about Sainé Daise.

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Legend of Noodle – Literally a Legend of its Kind

Hey there Nommerz, back with us again on our #NOMZVENTURE! First things first we wanna thank you all Nommerz for being so loyal by reading our reviews. We will always continue to make you drool on every post. Today we are going to review something that is said to be the best of its kind in Jakarta. And here it is the Legend of Noodle, which located in Senopati Area.  Actually there are several branches of Legend of Noodle but after trying some, we still think that the one in Senopati is the best. We are sure you are familiar with the name of the Korean restaurant. According to the name the menu consists of mostly noodle, varied from Black bean noodles, cold noodles , seafood noodles and many more. Before we show you what we ordered, we would like to take you on a short tour to show the inside of the Restaurant. Be sure to keep your mouth closed to prevent you from drooling.
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HONU – Ain’t Pokeball but its Poké bowl is Worth Catching

Welcome back Nommerz! Hope you guys are all doing well 😀 We would like to personally say thank you for the love and support for MONNOMZ as we reached 1000 readers today WOHOOO!!  Its been a great start for us to know that our food diary is growing and we truly believe that its all achieavable because of you guys. We hope that we can always deliver great contents that continue to keep ur belly starve and grow a lot bigger like us. So without further ado lets jump in to our review. This time we’re going to bring you to taste a glimpse of famous Hawaiian poké bowl in Kemang, which is none other than in Honu Poké and Matcha Bar.

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