En Dining – Countable Japanese Restaurant Over The Years

Hello Nommerz ! Back with us again with a short review of one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, En Dining. Some of you might known this restaurant long time ago, because this diner is not new or something, but it has been known for its great and consistent taste. We went to the Plaza Indonesia branch, located at the 3rd floor. We went here at lunch but luckily its not that crowded. Actually Simmon often dine here with his friends and he wanted Momon to try one of his fave food so there we are.

En Dining – Plaza Indonesia Level 3

Beef Cheese Roll 

Going directly to our first meal, well we love cheese, we love beef and we love rice, why not mix them together in a dish. Fortunately they have what we wanted! Beef Cheese Roll (Rp. 175 K) it is a sushi roll filled with Kani and topped with thin slices of medium cooked beef and of course cheddar cheese torched until it melted. Taste was great and actually it was exactly what we were expecting the elements of the dish were great enough to be eaten alone and of course they were better together, however we do recommend you not to put your expectation too high.

Hamburg Steak

Next is our main course, since Momon likes burger that much we ordered Hamburg Steak (Rp. 125 K). The Japanese burger, but just the meat without buns like what we framed on the picture above, which is just the way Momon likes it. The Hamburg itself was accompanied with mash potatoes and some veggies and they pour the sauce that tasted a bit salty, that’s why we ordered white rice to balance all the flavors. For the Hamburg’s taste it was very great, it was nice, very juicy and beautifully seasoned.

Crab Chahan

For people like Simmon who cannot resist rice in every mealtime, we ordered a combination of seafood and Asian cuisine. This dish is said to be the most popular menu in En Dining. Yes it is the famous Crab Chahan (Rp. 145 K). It tasted amazing, well the dish consists of fried rice topped with fried soft-shell crab which was very crunchy! But the thing that needs to be bragged is the soup for us, it was thick and rich plus you gotta eat it while its hot. We really do recommend this dish to be on your menu when you decide to come here.

Matcha and Ogura Toast

Lastly to end our perfect Sundate, we ordered Matcha and Ogura Toast (Rp. 95 K). Other than Crab Chahan, En Dining is also famous for their Honey Toast. They have a lot of flavors to choose from, but we are Matcha lovers! The toast was very soft and warm at the same time, whereas the Matcha icecream made it perfect. Momon doesn’t like Ogura (Red Beans) so, she would’ve really enjoyed the toast without the Ogura and that’s what Simmon did. He literally finished all the Ogura so that Momon can enjoy the dessert to the fullest.

Well Nommerz too bad but that is all for today, stay tuned for our next review, we are going to review the best brunch place in Kelapa Gading according to Monnomz. Be sure to show us some love by following our instagram and be free to recommend us any place that we should try. Till next frame ! God bless you 😀

En Dining

A: Plaza Indonesia, Lantai 3, Jl. MH. Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta

P: (021) 29924154

O: Everyday, 10AM – 10PM

R: $$-$$$

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