Green Door Kitchen – Coming Back Fresh to The Neighbourhood

Hello! Whats Nomming on? Here we are again with another review of our favourite time to eat ! Its brunch time, now here we are back to where we belong, yes Kelapa Gading. Ever heard of a saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” ? Well be prepared cause we are taking you to a café with green color as its name, it is Green Door Kitchen. Actually if you been to Six Ounces Coffee and tried their meals, Green Door Kitchen is the one who’s responsible for the food. However, just a few weeks ago they decided to open their own space in Mahaka Square or more known as sports mall.

IMG_1718 copy
Green Door Kitchen Entrance

Sitting Area (Great for Private Events)

Common Sitting Area (1)

Common Sitting Area (2)

Dessert Display and Coffee Bar

So the picture above is the entrance to the café, we were expecting everything to be greenish because of the name but it wasn’t at all, except the employees’ uniforms. They do have a really pretty dining area which mostly surrounded by glass, maybe to give that photosynthesis sort of vibe Haha. Okay back again to the second until fourth pictures. Its not just pretty but it was big and the monochrome design gives the elegances. We do recommend this place for those of you who are planning for throwing up private events like birthday, company luncheon, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. For those of you who prefer outdoor dining area, it’s available but there are only a few table provided. They have the sofas, the high table, and even a long table for you to dine in with your friends and family. The fifth picture is the place where they prepare your drinks. Up until this point, our expectation went even higher, especially this café was recommended by Momon’s cousin who is also a big fan of meals served in Six Ounces Coffee.

Sweet Potato Fries

After strolling around the place, we finally took a sit at the sofa and had a look at the menu. As always, we would normally order 1 appetizer, 2 mains, and occasionally a dessert. Starting of with the Sweet Potato Fries (Rp.45 K). Those crunchy sweet potatoes were served with two dipping sauces, they were Barbeque sauce and Spicy Mayonnaise. To be clear, you cannot make it more delicious, we mean the meal was simple, however when you fry them lightly and bam! The result is amazing, and again the Spicy Mayo dipping sauce was worth the highlight. We really recommend this to be your companion while waiting for the mains.

Left to Right: Vanilla Latte, Lychee Tea, Sweet Potato Fries

You must be familiar with those two drinks beside the appetizer. On the left was what Momon ordered and on the right was Simmon’s. So they were Vanilla Latte (Rp. 45K) and Lychee Tea (Rp.35 K). The Vanilla Latte really brightened up our Saturday, it was greatly balanced in taste, you can actually taste the goodness of the coffee that is not too bitter just like how Momon likes it. And for the Lychee Tea, what else to expect from a freshly made iced tea ? It was really freshening and soothing, so for you tea lovers, it might suit you.

Miso Glazed Salmon with Rice

Glazing the Miso Sauce 

What we really like about this café is they serve their food in a short period of time. Just approximately 8 minutes after the Sweet Potato Fries was out, our Miso Glazed Salmon with Rice (Rp.130 K) was served on the table. Just take a moment to look at that beautiful pink fillet of Salmon. To us the mushroom really boost up the Asian flavor on the meal, not to mention the rice which is every Asian’s main carbs. So the salmon was pan fried and glazed using miso sauce, it was also served using some kind of broth. After pouring the broth, we took a spoonful rice with the fish and it was really great. Of course the main highlight is the fish and you could not resist a salmon that is caramelized on the outside, but soft and delicate on the inside. The broth really goes along with the Salmon, it even soften the Salmon more. Really recommended if you are looking something related to fish especially.

Classic Cheese Burger

Layers of Goodness

This is the most ordered food from the menu, the holy grail from the west, the undoubtedly American typical food. Yes it is Classic Cheese Burger (Rp.80 K), even before we dine in to Green Door Kitchen, we have tried this course on the previous location. Without any second thought we decided to make this our second maincourse. Not so long after the Salmon came out, this burger came out. They serve the burger with homemade potato chips, which fried to perfection, credits to the thin slices. They also gave us a slice of pickle on top of the brioche bun. So what are the components of the burger? It consists of those brown and tasty brioche buns, a very juicy wagyu patty, a slice of cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing. This burger will definitely makes you nod as you take a bite. It was that good ! the buns were not soggy at all and hands up to the wagyu patty. The patty were so juicy but not that oily, the meat were not that typical ground meat which has no texture, this patty was beautifully seasoned and tasted amazing. If you ever crave a burger, be sure to put this to your lists.

Unfortunately that is all for today. In conclusion we really enjoyed our brunch and again it was a spectacular experience. Starting from the drinks, appetizer until the mains. All of them were very pleasant to our tummy. We do hope you can try them as well, as always be sure to leave any comments or feedback to us. We are more than happy to follow any of Nommerz’ recommendation on what we should review next ! See you next time on our Nomzventure, take care and God bless you 😀

Green Door Kitchen

A: Mahaka Square, Blok HF 3 Unit B 16-23, Jl. Raya Kelapa Nias, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

P: (+62) 81932776699

O: Everyday, 10AM – 10PM

R: $$-$$$

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