Kintan Buffet – All You Can Eat Japanese BBQ

We are back to review one of the current trending buffet spot in Jakarta. The buffet which makes you queue and desperately waiting to eat because of the amount of people wanting to try this. Actually this diner is quite new among the others. Yes, it is Kintan Buffet! To all of you out there who are meat lovers, we really do recommend this diner, especially for BBQ lovers. So you might heard of Shaburi before, Kintan came under the same company as Shaburi, which is Dining Innovation Group (DIG). The difference is Buffet that Shaburi provides is more to Shabu-Shabu or usually known as Soup where you can boil what you desired, whereas Kintan provides something smoky, something with fire and of course fresh meats which those two diner have. So prepare your tummy Nommerz !

Kintan Buffet Emporium Mall Pluit Branch

Dining Area

We visited their North Jakarta’s branch to be exact it is located in Emporium Mall Pluit, Ground Floor and first picture shown above is their entrance. We thought that this place is really good in store placing, it is near the mall entrance so the accessibility is very nice. Furthermore, its an open dining area which makes the smokes spread off easily. Moving on to the second picture, it is the dining area and not only there, they have a lot more table inside. We came here because at that day we and our siblings were really craving for meat, so we made up our mind to dine here.

Salad Section

Variation of Deep Fried Appetizers

Selection of Squid, Prawn, Mushroom and Corn for Grilling

Now these pictures above are the condiments, appetizer, beverages, and desserts. They have varieties of veggies to accompany your meat so they wont get to oily and they also have those appetizers which are very eye-catching. Some of them are Sweet potato fries (Momon’s fave), Tempura, Chicken Karage, Chicken Japanese Curry, Edamame, Chawanmushi (Steamed egg, which is highly favored by our siblings) and many more. If you are not that type person who likes eating raw veggie, they also have kinds of Kimchi, we both love Kimchi!

Kintan’s 3 Main Sauce

Sauce’s Condiments

Trays of Fruits and Kimchi

Ice Cream Machine as Dessert

Well it would not be good to eat meats without sauces, and on picture above you can see their sauces; Kintan Original Soy Sauce, Kintan Spicy Miso Sauce and Kintan Garlic Sauce. We suggest you guys to try them one by one since all of them are good depending on your tastebud. Simmon’s fave is the Kintan Garlic Sauce where for Momon’s is the Kintan Spicy Miso Sauce. Next on is the condiments where you can add-on to your sauce or maybe you want to make your own sauce. To complete the heavy dinner, they also provide several trays of fruit and an ice cream dispenser for the desert, where they have chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and a mix of those two, with toppings like cornflakes, choco caviars and sprinkles. For the beverages, they have kinds of juices, like mango and lychee, not to mention they also have water and ocha which are all free refill without any extra charges unlike most of the buffet places.

Left to Right: Yakishabu (Double Pepper), Jingiskan (Spicy Miso), Jingiskan (Garlic)

Corn, Mushroom and Squid to be Grilled

Meat Prepping Area

Next pictures are the reason why people come here, the main reason why people wait. Just look at those beautiful slices of meat. They do have menus for the meats though, you can choose based on the price, the more expensive it is the more your choices of meats is being offered (including premium meats). For us, we are not going for anything big that day so we just go with the regular buffet (Rp. 188K++ before tax, after tax is approximately Rp. 220K). We had choices of 3 types of meat (Lamb, Beef, and Chicken). The picture on the bottom right shows the butchers, they are the ones who are responsible for the meat slicing. Basically we had different sauces to choose when we order our meat, they are Spicy miso, Original, Teriyaki, and Garlic for the Lamb, for the Beef they have Tare and Double pepper. Looking at the third and fourth pictures, those were the meats that we ordered. We chose Double pepper for the Beef and Spicy miso and garlic for the Lamb.

Meat Ready to be Grilled

Grilling Process

What are you waiting for? Get your meat on the griller! You can directly smell the meats as soon as you start grilling them. The first picture above is what we framed when we were grilling, we added some onions and paprika to ensure our dining went absolutely exquisite. We could guarantee you guys that the meats were fresh and juicy. For those of you who does not like eating the fatty kind of meat, we suggest you to go with Lamb. As for the taste of condiments and appetizers, they were great, however we are not going to talk much about them because they are optionals. This is heaven for the carnivores, because it is buffet (all you can eat). One last thing, event though you have limited eating time, but be sure not to waste any food.

Before we end this review we just wanted to tell you that this was one great experience, and we promise to come back whenever we have big craving for meats! We hope you guys can have the same experience like what we had and we are more than happy to read about your story or feedbacks or maybe recommendation on the comment below. We will see you again in another NOMZVENTURE, take care and God bless you!

Kintan Buffet

A: Emporium Pluit Mall, Lantai Ground, Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, Penjaringan, Jakarta

P: (+6221) 29071923

O: Everyday, 10AM – 10PM

R: $$-$$$

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