Lewis & Carroll Tea – Tea Tasting at its Finest

What’s up Nommerz! Here we are again with our frames from one of the most popular tea cafés in Jakarta, tea lovers like us be sure to brace yourself for the famous Lewis & Carroll Tea. We believe most of you guys have already known this place because they have been around for quite sometime now.

Lewis & Carroll Tea from Outside

IMG_1561 copy
Located in the First Floor of Jl. Bumi No. 4 

How did we end up here? Firstly we are more on the #TeaSquad compare to the #CoffeeSquad and we loveeee brunch. If you read our previous review, which was at Portafilter, they actually sell Lewis & Carroll’s tea. Having big curiosity, we finally got the chance to come here with our besties. The pictures above are the images that we took outside Lewis & Carroll. So this is the building (neat and clean) where the tea place is located, you can see the big sign on the second picture to make your way easier. No parking space? No worries Nommerz, they provide valet service for your car without charges.

Tea Testing Table and Tea Pot Shelves

After getting our car parked, we came in to this beautifully designed tea place. The first picture above is the first thing that catches your eyes, it is actually a long table consisting of tea samples. Behind that table you will find plenty of unique and modern design teapots (also on the shelves  which are for sale, so for those of you who wants to enjoy your tea at your home or wanting to buy someone a present this could be the place.

Indoor Dining Area

Dessert Bar and Cashier

Whole Collection of Lewis & Carroll’s Tea Types

Now the first picture above is one of the dining areas, they have outdoors, and they have another area on your right when you come in. Their interior give a warm, classy and elegant feeling which is great for intimate bonding time. We actually felt like somehow we are in England, even though we have never been there. Next picture is the dessert bar and cashier which is very colorful. Last picture is an image of 2 separated big shelves consists of color-coded cans of tea leaves.

Set of Tea for Testing 

Tea Testing Comes in A Form of Chemistry Tube

It would be very not practical if all of your friends take turns to smell the tea leaves at the front, the solution to that, you can actually ask the waiter to bring one set of tea leaves to your table. Now it would be much easier for you to smell, see, and compare. The tea has different prices (ranging from Rp. 40K-Rp. 145K) according to its brewing type (the waiter will be there to answer all your question regarding the tea). The tea varies from of course taste and smell, some have the fruity essence and some have that relaxing smell. The second picture shows some of the samples, it is a bit exciting because they use chemistry tubes, so you kinda feel like a scientist HAHA.

Bed of Roses (White Pot) and Colada Sun (Blue Pot)

Crystalline Mojito

On that day we ordered “bed of roses” inside the white tea pot and “colada sun” inside the blue tea pot. The Bed of Roses have a strong rose smell and it is very light in term of the taste which is great for people who doesn’t like strong and overpowering tea flavor. On the other side, The Colada Sun have a fresh and fruity taste just like sipping drink on the beach. Oh and one more thing they don’t only serve tea if you wonder, they have this Crystalline Mojito (Rp. 55K) it consists of crystalline fruit tea, lemon water and mint leaves. Same like the Colada Sun, the mojito has that freshness and fruity taste to lift up your eyes (literally).

Truffle Fries

We did not forget to order Truffle Fries (Rp. 50K) for our appetizer. They taste okay, they have the truffle smell and the best part is they were crunchy. This is one of the good appetizers to keep you accompanied while waiting for your mains.

Melted Brie Croissants

Going across from Great Britain to France. This is Melted Brie Croissants (Rp. 65K). Do not expect it to be that kind of cheesy bread, the brie cheese has its significant smell and taste. Not saying that its not good, however still taste is relative even for us, Simmon liked it but Momon was just okay with it. It was served with thin slices of fried potato chips. They were really thin that you can easily break them to pieces. In overall this food is not very common, but still for some people it would taste lovely depending on the types of cheese they like.

Saikoro Steak Matah

This is not Indonesian typical kind of food but still Indonesians right? A meal is not considered completed when rice is not around. This is the Saikoro Steak Matah (Rp. 125K), the waiter told us that this dish is their best selling and highly recommended by the chef. It includes beef tenderloin cubes served with sambal matah that mostly consists of: shallots, garlic and chili (which was quite spicy), greens and lastly they serve you with nasi uduk and don’t forget sweet soy sauce to neutralize the spiciness. The tenderness of the beef makes all those cubes somehow just melt when you bite them. The sambal matah gives heat that makes you sweat and we personally enjoy spicy food. Lastly the nasi uduk has that aromatic smell to it. When you mixed all the elements in one spoon, I guarantee you will at least nod your head. We personally think that this is the dish that is worth coming back for.

Crusted Grilled Chicken

And now we are back to everyone’s comfort food, no matter how you process this meat, it will always be good. Here we go Lewis & Carroll’s Crusted Grilled Chicken (Rp. 95K). This food was amazing too like the Saikoro Steak Matah, it was grilled to literally perfection, by that we mean the chicken was juicy and it was very pleasant to eat. The sauce they use is wine-soy sauce au jus, we were thinking on how wine could go along with soy sauce ? And the first bite was BAMMMM !!! It was literally that nice, somehow it reminded us of our childhood, because somehow we felt that the taste in overall was the typical home cooked food that we used to eat back then.

Kyoto Matcha

Lastly, we ordered this Kyoto Matcha (Rp. 52K). Japan ceremonial grade matcha infused in panna cotta served with strawberry jam. We really love how this dessert is strong to withstand every action you do on the plate. This dessert can dance for sure, try to do a circular stroke and see for yourself. Taste wise, this was a perfect way to end our pleasant brunch. The panna cotta was very delicate, so delicate that you don’t have to bite them. We really recommend this dessert to be ordered.

That is all for our review today, we hope you enjoy our #NOMZVENTURE. Be sure to leave us a comment or feedback here or in our social media account. Or for some of you who might have tried Lewis & Carroll before, be free to share your thoughts to us. Of course, stay tuned for our next review! Take care and God bless !

Lewis & Carroll Tea

A: Jl. Bumi No 4. Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan – 12120

P: (+62) 81213818465

O: Everyday, 7AM – 9PM

R: $$-$$$

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