Portafilter – Coffee and Brunch Munch in Kelapa Gading

Hi there Nommerz, back again with us on our endless food journey. For today’s review, we are heading to Kelapa Gading area. We must acknowledge that Kelapa Gading has stepped up their game joining the trending coffee culture by looking at the numbers of newly opened coffee space. We are personally curious about Portafilter because we often pass through this cute and instaworthy coffee shop that is very appealing from the outside. Without further conversation, we decided to give them a try and went there with 2 of our friends on a Saturday morning to pamper our tummies.

Portafilter Sign 

Portafilter itself is basically a coffee shop, but they have amazing brunch menus, which we will cover shortly, they also have amazing beverages to choose from and of course desserts. You can actually see the big Portafilter sign on your left side when you are going towards there. They have their own parking lot so it wouldn’t be a problem to drive there. They open daily from 8AM to 9PM. Little did you guys know, both of us personally really like going for brunches, why? Because we find brunch menus are unique, when they play around with the same ingredients but the outcome may vary.

View Through the Glass

The Coffee Shop Entrance

img_1272-copyPortafilter’s Coffee Bar

So picture above is the window when you can see the dessert bar and the place where they make your coffee. The place is simple yet elegant, since they use monochrome colors to design their shop. As much as the entrance of the cafe is instaworthy, we invite you readers to come in through the third picture above and have a look at their delicious menus.

Portafilter’s Dining Space

This is the dining area, not so many table but hey this is a coffee shop not a restaurant, it should stay exclusive right? The heat of that Saturday morning made us want to chill ourselves with something cold and here we go, the Ice Cube Hazelnut (Rp. 45k).

Ice Cube Hazelnut

So they serve you 2 hazelnut coffee cubes which you will melt with relatively steaming milk. It taste really nice and very fun to watch, especially Simmon who is easily attracted, he got attracted at many things well almost everything. There’s the picture of the cubes getting melted using the milk.

Caramel Cold Brew

Next drink is Momon’s fave when coming to a coffee place and since we are not a big fan of coffee we don’t usually order espresso, piccolo, long black and etc (we felt smart just by mentioning them lol). The taste of the Caramel Cold Brew Coffee (Rp.35k) was nice, but  we actually can’t differentiate how a coffee is good, as long as it taste nice we would give our thumbs. And that Caramel Cold Brew got our thumbs for the sweetness that was enough from the caramel and the signature smell from the coffee.

Onion Ring Twister

Been wondering what is the tower like food on the previous picture? This is it, Onion Ring Twister (Rp. 35k). It was an ordinary onion rings stacked into one piece of tower. We could not expect much since all onion rings are quite the same as long as it is crunchy, not soggy, and not tasteless we consider it delicious. And that’s what we had here a nice tower of onion rings serve with mayonnaise and chili sauce. In overall this tower was a nice start off for our engine.

Molten Cores

Moving to the brunch menus, the food that no one could ever resist, the food that became a strong question. Well which one comes first? The chicken or the egg? Well who knows but anyway, this is Molten Cores (Rp. 65k) two poached eggs topped with melted cheese served alongside potatoes and greens. Exactly like the name, the eggs were still runny, hence the Molten on the name. For the taste, it its something new to us and it was delicious the cheese gives a rich and salty flavor to the eggs and potatoes. The technique they use to process this food is great, because they managed to made the cheese to be gooey and yet the eggs were still runny.

Katsu Truffle Don

After the egg here is the chicken menu, Katsu Truffle Don (Rp. 65k) which is one of the favourite menus here. We often order truffle because Simmon really likes the smell of truffle but haven’t had the chance to try the real one, so to shorten the gap from his dream we often order something with truffle in its name. They serve the meal in a bowl full of garlic butter rice, truffle scrambled egg and deep fried breaded chicken or katsu. Tastewise it was very satisfying, when the meal was served you could directly smell the truffle and the katsu was very crunchy and not oily so it was a very pleasant meal to us and we didn’t questioned why it is included in the favourites.


Back again to eggs, now with the unique name is Eggsplosion (Rp. 50k). This is a sunny side up egg inside a grilled cheese rustic bread accompanied with potatoes and green salad. It tasted amazing, the combination of the bread and the cheese was brilliant, because it tasted very chewy when they are clenched against your teeth. For the egg, it was half cooked sunny egg and nicely seasoned. It was again another pleasant food, however the portion is quite small for us and it wasn’t very impactful for our food tank.

Philly Cheese Steak

Looking at the last sentence above, what is the food with a big portion and tastes great. Calling out to our carnivores nommerz out there !! This is what you must order. Well a good friend of ours ordered this, Philly Cheese Steak (Rp. 95K). A baked baguette which turned into submarine sandwich filled with Australian Wagyu meat, bell peppers, onions and of course the most obvious sight, the cheese !!! and also fries for the sandwich to lay on cause those juicy Wagyu steak deserves a crunchy throne like those French fries. Judging by the looks, it is impossible that it doesn’t taste good, but nothing is impossible right? haha. It was actually that nice it made us wanted to go back just for that lovely submarine sandwich. All were great, the juiciness of the meat, absorbed by the chewy baguette and the crunchiness from the bell peppers and onion, the feeling from the gooey cheese really made you look like someone who is shooting an food ad.


A: Jl. Boulevard Raya Timur Blok A no. 1 Kelapa Gading, Jakarta (Near Rs. Gading Pluit)

P: (021) 45846930 / (021) 92829767

O: Everyday, 8 AM – 9 PM

R: $-$$

Well those are all our review for this time, we do hope you could feel what we felt and be sure to let us know on the comment below !! See you on the next #NOMZVENTURE!
Take care and God bless!

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