En Dining – Countable Japanese Restaurant Over The Years

Hello Nommerz ! Back with us again with a short review of one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, En Dining. Some of you might known this restaurant long time ago, because this diner is not new or something, but it has been known for its great and consistent taste. We went to the Plaza Indonesia branch, located at the 3rd floor. We went here at lunch but luckily its not that crowded. Actually Simmon often dine here with his friends and he wanted Momon to try one of his fave food so there we are.

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Green Door Kitchen – Coming Back Fresh to The Neighbourhood

Hello! Whats Nomming on? Here we are again with another review of our favourite time to eat ! Its brunch time, now here we are back to where we belong, yes Kelapa Gading. Ever heard of a saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” ? Well be prepared cause we are taking you to a café with green color as its name, it is Green Door Kitchen. Actually if you been to Six Ounces Coffee and tried their meals, Green Door Kitchen is the one who’s responsible for the food. However, just a few weeks ago they decided to open their own space in Mahaka Square or more known as sports mall.

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Kintan Buffet – All You Can Eat Japanese BBQ

We are back to review one of the current trending buffet spot in Jakarta. The buffet which makes you queue and desperately waiting to eat because of the amount of people wanting to try this. Actually this diner is quite new among the others. Yes, it is Kintan Buffet! To all of you out there who are meat lovers, we really do recommend this diner, especially for BBQ lovers. So you might heard of Shaburi before, Kintan came under the same company as Shaburi, which is Dining Innovation Group (DIG). The difference is Buffet that Shaburi provides is more to Shabu-Shabu or usually known as Soup where you can boil what you desired, whereas Kintan provides something smoky, something with fire and of course fresh meats which those two diner have. So prepare your tummy Nommerz !

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Portafilter – Coffee and Brunch Munch in Kelapa Gading

Hi there Nommerz, back again with us on our endless food journey. For today’s review, we are heading to Kelapa Gading area. We must acknowledge that Kelapa Gading has stepped up their game joining the trending coffee culture by looking at the numbers of newly opened coffee space. We are personally curious about Portafilter because we often pass through this cute and instaworthy coffee shop that is very appealing from the outside. Without further conversation, we decided to give them a try and went there with 2 of our friends on a Saturday morning to pamper our tummies.

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