212 Wiro Sableng – Indonesian President, Joko Widodo Approved


Hello Nommerz, back here with us with a review that will satisfy those of you who are crazy for seafood. So we are here at the famous 212 Wiro Sableng Seafood in Kelapa Gading. One fun fact about this restaurant, is that our President, Pak Jokowi likes to dine here as one of his favorite seafood place to nomz.

212 Wiro Sableng Sign Board

212 Wiro Sableng From Outside

You will notice this place through the big red sign on your left side, actually you can easily notice them with their thick smoke caused by grilling like the second picture above. Some advice, since they are crowded almost everyday of the week, we strongly suggest that if you are coming here with your family or friends, you should minimize the vehicles being used. We are both a big fan of seafood and one thing for sure before we begin our review, we wanted show you the dining place.

First Floor Dining Space

Above is the picture of the dining tables located below on the first floor, see for yourself on how crowded is the restaurant. But, since the grilling site is only 3 steps outside the dining place, even the smokes manage to enter the dining place in as well. We suggest that you could find a seat on the second floor, if you are not a big fan of having your outfit to smell after eating.

Second Floor Dining Space

Well, fortunately they have the second floor dining place which provides a lot more spacious table and you will somehow be freed from smoke hahaha. We were lucky at that night, the upper dining place was not crowded yet, but as soon as we started to feast, the condition became something like the first floor.

Es Kelapa Muda

Now starting off with what some people consider to be compulsory to order when you are dining in a seafood restaurant. Yes it is Es Kelapa Muda (Rp. 20K), very fresh, very sweet, and it will kick your thirst away. Other than the sweet coconut water, you can also eat the delicate and crunchy coconut by scooping them using the provided spoon. We were actually shocked by the price, by looking at the size of the coconut.

Kerang Dara Rebus

YAZZ! Appetizer to prepare our throats for the main courses, what we have here is a plate full of boiled Cockles or usually known as Kerang Dara rebus (Rp. 20K). For the portion, usually we just order how many ounces we want our seafood to be, but here they just serve you what they call a plate  (we guess you can order by weight as well). They provide you with a small fork to eat the cockles and a dipping sauce which tastes sweet and sour, because it consists of chopped pineapple. You can ask for their chopped chili, shallots and complete with sweet soy sauce.

Kangkung Terasi 

Next is our vegetable to balance the nutrition #eaaa, well we just wanted to neutralize the amount of cholesterol we were going to have. This is the Indonesian most famous veggie that almost everyone eats it the famous Kangkung Terasi (Rp. 20K). They have different sauce for your kangkung, like Kangkung Cah Bawang Putih and Kangkung Tauco. Since we like some spiciness in our appetite, we ordered Kangkung Terasi and to be honest it was very nice and the spiciness really kicked in, except it was a bit too salty, so we suggest you to eat the kangkung with rice to maintain the flavor.

Cumi Goreng Tepung 

Moving on to the real deal, another food that no one could ever deny, the food that served in every seafood restaurant. It is Cumi Goreng Tepung (Rp. 45K), some might be familiar with the name calamari or fried squid rings. Needless to say, it was crunchy and savory, especially when you combine it with the chili and soy sauce, it will bring out all the flavors to one. They also serve the Cumi Goreng Tepung in their portion. We came here with our friends who already had dinner so we could somehow maintain our desire to order more of this.

img_1266Kepiting Saus Telur Asin

During our time studying in Singapore, we really often eat Salted Egg dishes and just a while ago Momon’s friend introduce this place that serve a similar taste to Singapore’s salted egg dishes which is not often found in Jakarta. Momon have been here before to eat the Kepiting Saus Telur Asin (Rp. 273K), she told Simmon that this dish is suuuuper good in every aspect of taste, hence we came here to review the dish.

According to the name itself, yes it is salty but somehow the taste is balance and even better when you eat it with rice (we guess that its true, Indonesian could not eat without rice). They serve 2 crabs in one portion which is good for 4 person, but you can ask for half portion which is one crab in your plate. The sauce itself is thick and it smells nice, because they use curry leaf and a bit spiciness added using chopped chili. For the crabs, they were fresh and their meat was spectacular, we really enjoyed the crab meat because it was very tight.

We were really glad that we came here, after a long seafood vacuum we came to the right place to satisfy our cravings. Another tips, you might wanna come here before 7PM to make sure you get a place to sit directly. The servings are very fast, the dining place itself not the cleanest but it is bearable knowing the fact that they are very crowded and yet they still maintain the maximum hygiene. We didn’t order the fish because we were afraid we would waste any food if we ordered too much.


A: Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QH 3 No. 2 – 3, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

P: (021) 45846930 / (021) 92829767

O: Everyday, 11 AM – 10 PM

R: $-$$

We hope for you Nommerz who come here and try their fish could leave a comment below. That is all for our review today, see you on the next one !!!

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