LOEWY – A Classic Place For Chilling

Hi NOMMERZ, back again with us MONNOMZ, and now we went back to Kuningan to review and frame one of the restaurants from the Union Group which is LOEWY. We actually didn’t know anything about this diner, but thankfully one of our friends requested to have a dinner here and without further ado, lets go to the reviews.

Loewy Entrance

IMG_1217Bar Area

We came here at night and the theme of the restaurant actually gives a classical and relaxing vibe, they play different kinds of music, from pop, ballad, jazz and many more. And here is the bar, well this is the kind of bar that appears at a film set, we felt like we were actors in a studio hahaha guess me (Simmon) has that unachieved dream. We recommend that, if you want to go for a drink, having some chitchat with your friends or relatives and of course over some delicious finger foods then you should be sitting there right in the bar.

Main Dining Area

Now this is the dining room, a lot more exposure than the bar. Well you could sit on the sofa or the normal chair and actually they do have outdoor dining room for those of you who wants to go smoking and as you can see we didn’t capture the place for lighting reasons. The dining place is warm and soothing, really makes you want to just sit there and not getting up.

Spicy Chicken Wings

To complete our conversation, we ordered this, Spicy Chicken Wings (Rp.55K). Normal fried chicken wings to accompany you while waiting for your meal to be served. To be honest those wings were bomb (legit bomb), they have those rich Asian flavors because of the fried garlic, chopped chili and fresh coriander. Well personally we don’t mind having some spiciness to our taste buds, however if you do not feel the same way as we do, you can separate the chili.

Beef Lasagna

And the waiting game is over, we had our first meal, yes none other than the famous Italian recipe the Lasagna (Rp.90K) Mammamia! the gravy or sauce is plenty, you can literally shower your Beef Lasagna and you get melted cheese on the top layer of it. The Lasagna itself was cooked nicely, not too soft and not too hard either, and the gravy has that saltiness from the cheese, sweetness from the tomato jus and of course a bit heat from the chili oil.

Aglio Olio Chicken Spaghetti

Next is Lasagna’s brother from another flour, Aglio Olio Chicken Spaghetti (Rp.90K). The spaghetti is cooked to al dente (soft on the outside, a bit hard on the inside) so it was very pleasing to eat and on top of the spaghetti they grate some parmesan for you. But we were not quite satisfied because of the chicken, because the chicken meats were dry. Since the way it is a Aglio Olio pasta, it doesn’t has any sauce like Bolognese or Crème, it has only a bit of olive oil mixed with white wine from the cooking process. So the dry chicken (we think it was roasted) was really bringing the dish down.

Truffle Mac & Cheese

Now, the cuisine from Italy as well but has been modernized is the Truffle Mac & Cheese (Rp.95K). Basically, it is a baked plate full of macaroni and cheese and also smoked beef or ham as people would usually say. Nothing stand out from this dish since it was watery and a bit bland from the taste aspect. For the truffle, you can actually taste it and it is actually quite strong but for the macaroni we don’t think that is the best that they can cook.

Duck Confit

Going across another country, still in the same continent is France with the classic Duck Confit (Rp.145K). The classic, the legend, the elder this is the dish that goes down from generation to generation in France. Basically it is a preserved (using salt) duck meat and then slow-cooked in its own fat, a bit cruel and savage isn’t it HAHA. So, yeah they served the duck leg with some pan-seared green beans, potatoes and some ham. When you order this, we suggest you to eat it together, meaning do not eat the duck separately from the vegetables because the duck meat itself is salty, since it is preserved using salt and they intentionally cook the mix veggie to be a bit bland so they can neutralize each others. In overall this dish is phenomenal!

Beef Burger

Last is, the Beef Burger (Rp.125K) said to be one of the popular dishes in the menu. And we understand why, the chubby golden buns filled with grilled tomato, lettuce and caramelized onions. What’s great is the beef hamburg, it is very thick and rather juicy. You could actually choose on what type of fries you want on your plate, we ordered those crispy fries with some ketchup and mayo for dipping sauce. Well the portion is kinda big so you could actually share this meal for two. Nevertheless this burger is amazing and the flavor was unbelievable so if you are a big fan of burger, when you come here, don’t forget to have this on your table.


A: Oakwood Premier Cozmo, Jln Lingkar Mega Kuningan E4.2 No. 1

P: 021 2554 2378

O: MON – FRI (7.30AM-1AM), SAT-SUN (9AM-1AM)

R: $$-$$$

Hope that you enjoyed reading our post, stay tune for more.
Have a blessed day everyone!

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