7 Chinese Shaokao BBQ – Satisfying Your Midnight Hunger

Hi Nomerz ! Back with us again. We’ve come up with a short review of 7 Chinese Shaokao BBQ in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Why here? I (Simmon) often dine here at night and I feel like this restaurant is worth to be reviewed, so I took Momon here since we’re suddenly attacked by midnight appetite. Okay so, shaokao or in our language is popularly known as Barbecue or BBQ is a very famous food especially for supper. But I am not saying you cannot eat it at lunchtime haha.

Shaokao in PIK

Shaokao Entrance

Indoor Dining Tables

Here is the indoor dining room provided with big pictures containing a variety of skewers. They actually have the outdoor dining tables.

IMG_1049 copy
Grilling Area

This is the kitchen where they grill all your chosen skewers. The kitchen is located outside, exaclty besides the outdoor dining table. Some words of advice, because of the BBQ process, a very thick smoke will be produced so if you want to keep the smells of your outfit you should not be near the kitchen.

IMG_1037 copyIMG_1033
Shelves of Confusion

Now this is what we call the shelves of confusion. Basically this is the refrigerator where they display all kinds of skewers you can just tell the servers what you want and the quantity and they will pick it for you. The variety of the skewers are very broad, starting from meats (chicken, beef, pork) and vegetables (different kind of mushrooms and greens). Well if you are the type of person who prefers processed foods they do have them as well, like sausages, nuggets and etc.


These are The Chosen Skewers for Our Tummy
(“Gelombang Cinta” is The Second Skewers from Left)

Above is the picture of our tray. As you can see we ordered the famous “Gelombang Cinta” (Rp. 18K), Shiitake Mushroom (Rp. 13K), Shimeji Mushroom (Rp. 8K), Eggplant (Rp. 12K), Baby Corn (Rp. 5K), Chilli Pork Sausage (Rp. 18K), and Pigskin (Rp. 8K), Pig Intestines (Rp. 7K), Samcan / Pork Belly (Rp. 17K). We will explain more about the taste and what it is below.

IMG_1059 copy
Grilling Process

IMG_1066 copy
Our Order After Being Grilled
(“Gelombang Cinta” is in between the Shiitake and Sausage)

After choosing the sauce and the spiciness, these are the outcome from the tray ! Yumm even the smell invite those who had eaten to take some. We chose barbercue sauce and medium spicy (they also provide you with chilli sauce and powder incase you are a spicy food enthusiast). So “Gelombang Cinta” is actually a pork belly that is cut into thin slices and then deep fried so its basically a crispy pork skewed into one stick and after that they will grill it for you. The texture is crunchy, almost like bacon but they are less salty. Flavor wise, they taste superb.

IMG_1072 copy
Grilled Pork Belly

Pork lovers put your jaws down for these. One of the most ordered skewers. The Pork Belly or people like to call them “Sam Can”. They taste really great (depends on how you choose them, we are not a big fan of fats). Actually these are our personal favorites of all ! For those of you who want to come here and eat, we suggest you to order some beers  (if you are not afraid to have a chubby belly like Simmon lol) the grilled skewers are perfect when they are swallowed down your throat with the help of beer.

Everything That We Ordered That Night

Our dinner costed Rp. 203K including 1 rice (just because we are guilty to eat one portion for one person) and drinks for 3 person. This is the first time for Momon to be here but she really enjoyed the meal, yay me! Hope this place could be an alternative for you guys who are having midnight hunger attack! See you on the next blog post.

7 Chinese Shaokao BBQ

A: Ruko Garden House, Blok A, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

P: 02193943939

O: Everyday, 6PM –  2AM

R: $-$$

Say Hi to Monnomz and let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.
Have a blessed day everyone!

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