212 Wiro Sableng – Indonesian President, Joko Widodo Approved


Hello Nommerz, back here with us with a review that will satisfy those of you who are crazy for seafood. So we are here at the famous 212 Wiro Sableng Seafood in Kelapa Gading. One fun fact about this restaurant, is that our President, Pak Jokowi likes to dine here as one of his favorite seafood place to nomz.
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Pig Hunter – The Taste of Bali in North Jakarta

Hi there Nommerz! Last post we talk about the comfort food for Indonesian in general, but this time we will bring you to Bali’s speciality food – Babi Guling that is reachable through little distance! There are a lot of restaurants in Jakarta that serve Babi Guling right now. However not to long ago, Momon’s friend suggested us to try Pig Hunter.

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7 Chinese Shaokao BBQ – Satisfying Your Midnight Hunger

Hi Nomerz ! Back with us again. We’ve come up with a short review of 7 Chinese Shaokao BBQ in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Why here? I (Simmon) often dine here at night and I feel like this restaurant is worth to be reviewed, so I took Momon here since we’re suddenly attacked by midnight appetite. Okay so, shaokao or in our language is popularly known as Barbecue or BBQ is a very famous food especially for supper. But I am not saying you cannot eat it at lunchtime haha.

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