J.Sparrow’s – The Famous New Kid On The Block

Hi there Nommerz, welcome to our first food post. Last week we decided to visit this newly opened and highly raved dining space, J.Sparrow’s. This restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Noble House Building. They mainly serve western seafood culinary and below are the photos those we framed.

img_1128The Famous J.Sparrow’s Photo Spot

img_1125Restaurant Entrance

The dining areas are parted to two, there is the gloomy yet elegant feels in the non-smoking area. For the outdoor dining area, it has the luxury feels when you want to chill some wines or beer provided in the menu.

img_1121Indoor Dining Area

img_1123Outdoor Dining Area

Ever wonder where the beautiful food comes from? This is the kitchen with amazing chefs, well the marble covered plating table makes a really great combination with the stainless-steel kitchen set. Another thing, you could see them preparing and plating the food as they are surrounded with glasses.

img_1120-copySee-through Kitchen Area


So to invite our appetite, we decided to go with this crunchy Onion Rings (Rp.35K). The crisps are perfect, you will drop crumbles by the moment you bite them. Next is Escargot (Rp.60K), bonjour Madame et Monsieur! There are 5 snails covered in garlic butter, which will go absolutely delicious with the baguette they serve. They will directly melt in your mouth, however you can add your own seasoning like salt since the escargot itself is a bit vapid. Well for the price you will pay, we think those appetizer are great.

img_1133Onion Rings



Moving on to the entrée(s), starting off with the big portioned Pork Schnitzel (Rp.128K), fried and crunchy pork tenderloin wearing sage butter as it’s blanket which makes it delicious, not to mention the pork is accompanied with potato sides (you can choose), Coleslaw and lastly Honey-Grain Mustard Sauce. We can guarantee the portion given is more than enough.

img_1140Pork Schnitzel

Next is, Fish N’ Chips (Rp.95K). Beer battered sole fish, served with Pineapple Tempura (we are not a big fan of pineapple tho), Tartar Sauce and Potato Skin Fries. If you wonder about the yellow thing, we did also, we thought that it was only a garnish but no, it’s a half-cut lemon in a fishnet wrap to prevent the seeds going into your meal. Other than that, the flavor is great because of the freshness that the fish has, and again the portion is quite big.

img_1135Fish N’ Chips


Now, moving across to the Italian cuisine, Prawn Mac N’ Cheese (Rp.95k). Prepare yourself cheese-lovers, however for those of you who are not a big fan of cheese you will consider it quite too much just like we did. Nevertheless the Grilled Prawns are very good.

img_1138Prawn Mac N’ Cheese

Taking off to Asian Region, and for this is yes, the famous Thai Chicken Curry Over Rice (Rp.75K). Actually this is a green curry and it has a bit of spiciness and of course you can feel variety of spices inside the curry. They will give you plain white rice, but we changed it to buttered rice and it is nice to have them as a combo.

img_1144Thai Chicken Curry Over Rice


Closing off our dinner with the dessert that almost every table ordered that night, the Shipwreck (Rp.65K). It does look like a wrecked ship, doesn’t it? So it is a Cheesy Chocolate Brownie, to make it like an island they use the Mint Crumble for the resemblance of the sea and Almond Crumble for the sand. The tall sail like thing is a Tuille, it has the taste of pancake, but the texture of crepe. Lastly the Ship Shaped Chocolate, the Chocolate is an ordinary dark chocolate, but what special is the Tifannyblue-colored milk that flooded the plate, it has a minty flavor to it and it kinda neutralizes all the sweetness that the Chocolate and Brownie have.

img_1158 Shipwreck


All in all, we are truly satisfied with our dinner, in terms of taste, portion and price.
It was indeed a hype that is worth tasting for.



A: Noble House Building, Ground Floor
JL. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E4.2 No. 2
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan, 12950.

P: 021 50101819 / 08111113123

O: 11 AM – 1 AM (SUN – THU), 11 AM – 2 AM ( FRI – SAT)

R: $$-$$$


Say Hi to Monnomz and let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.
Have a blessed day everyone!

J Sparrow's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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